Our Curriculum

The intent of The Discovery School Curriculum

The curriculum is all the planned activities which we organise in order to promote learning and personal growth and development. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum (DfE,2014) and Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE,2017), but also the additional elements of learning that enable our children to learn in-line with the school’s vision and values.

The curriculum at The Discovery School is designed to be balanced, inspiring, enjoyable, relevant and purposeful.  It enables teachers to strive to achieve the highest standards from learners, in order for them to be exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education and their future.  This curriculum is cohesive and progressive, with skills which are built upon year-on-year, but also flexible enough to ensure that it evolves to remain relevant and stimulating and reflects the context of Kings Hill.  Teachers ensure children are inspired to develop a thirst for learning and to leave The Discovery School with life-long happy memories.

Our curriculum is inclusive and ensures all children, regardless of their backgrounds, have equal access to the school curriculum. Further information about this provision, can be found both on our equality and school policies pages of our website.  

Children are consulted in the development of their curriculum and pupil voice is used as a vital tool in the continuous evaluation of enjoyment, engagement and challenge which helps us with the continual development of our curriculum practice. 

September 2020 - The Reconnecting Curriculum 

Since returning to school, all of the children have been reflecting on their time during lockdown. We have given all of the children the opportunities to discuss their experiences, both positive and negative as well as share any worries and concerns too. We have also spent time supporting them in reconnecting with school. They have spent time learning and understanding new routines including hygiene, refreshing expectations and spending time with their peers. Teachers have been using specific stories and texts to help the children understand the nature of the world in which we currently live in. We have chosen this approach to coming back to school as we recognise that for many children, the current climate we now live in, can be very unsettling and they need to be able to understand about it to then allow them to feel safe in school so that they are then ready to learn. This approach will continue throughout term one.

During terms 1 and 2, there will be a stronger focus on maths and English across the school to help close any gaps in learning. However, we are also aware that not all children will have gaps to fill in their learning and they will continue to be appropriately challenged in their daily lessons. The wider curriculum will be taught through cross curricular lessons. The children will continue to have weekly science, PE, music, RE, PSHE and French (KS2) lessons. In line with Department for Education guidelines, from January 2021 we will be resuming a full curriculum with the children having discrete lessons for geography, history, computing, art and DT. 

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How we implement our curriculum

The school adopts a creative approach to learning throughout the EYFS through to Year 6. National Curriculum subjects are approached in a flexible way throughout the school, and are planned sequentially to ensure that new knowledge and skills build on prior learning.  

The school does not dictate a specific lesson structure and instead allows teachers the flexibility to plan for their individual class’ needs and learning styles.  Teachers will make judgements about how to target children to achieve the best learning outcomes for all.   It is expected that an effective balance is struck between meeting children’s individual learning needs and enabling all children to achieve the same learning intention through the use of practical and supportive resources. 

Teachers will use a range of teaching styles and approaches to ensure that learning is engaging and appropriately challenging.  We believe this enables children to be part of a learning culture, take responsibility for their learning, self-assess and self-evaluate. 

Assessment and Feedback

Our school considers accurate and focused assessment as the cornerstone of high quality teaching, as it allows learning to be planned and taught accurately as well as meeting the needs of the requirements of the children and ensuring high levels of expectation. The intention of our curriculum is to not create unnecessary work load for our teachers. This includes planning and assessment.

The culture at The Discovery School is one of continually using what we know in order to move on children’s learning. This formative assessment happens all the time. Skilled teachers and teaching assistants will use this information to ‘zap gaps’ and to provide additional challenge for children as required and appropriate. This is most effective when done immediately and at the point of learning.

The school’s Feedback policy sets out further guidance on assessment against the National Curriculum.

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Curriculum Overviews and Skills Coverage


Click on the document below to see yearly topic overviews. 

The Discovery School Curriculum Long Term Overview 2020 - 2021


The English Curriculum

English EYFS Progression of skills

Reading Progression of skills

Writing Progression of skills


Information about our Phonics Scheme

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Information about our Phonics Scheme


The Maths Curriculum

At The Discovery School, our maths programme of study ensures that all of our children have a progressive curriculum which allows them to be the best mathematicians that they can be. To support this, teachers work closely alongside the programme of study designed by White Rose Maths. Below is the progression of skills for our maths curriculum.  

The Discovery School Maths Progression of skills


The Wider Curriculum

Personal, social, health and economic education  (PSHE)

Science Progression of Skills

If you would like any more information about our curriculum or would like to know what your child is currently learning about, then please visit the Year Group pages for more information. You can also speak with your child's class teacher who will be able to share you with this too.