Year 2 Learning Updates

Maths in Year 2

We have had a wonderful few weeks getting to know each other and settling into Year 2. The children have impressed us with their collaborative learning and fantastic attitudes towards challenges. 

Here are some photos of us enjoying exploring place value with a partner. 

Computing Week 

We had a wonderful week in Year 2 exploring the computing curriculum. The children practised their typing skills and realised how challenging it is to use both hands and every finger to touch type! The children also created a picture inspired by Journey and typed a sentence to accompany it. Then they learned the importance of saving their precious work and printing it out. 

Stop Dropping Litter! An Assembly by The 3 Engineers

After half term, all of the children in Year 2 were lucky enough to join more than 150 other schools and take part in an interactive assembly by 'The 3Engineers'. We learned that engineers play a very important and exciting role in our world. Engineers invent, design, analyse, build and test machines and products that we use every day. Engineers are working hard to make a sustainable future for us all by inventing and building wind turbines, electric cars, solar panels and many other environmentally friendly technologies.

The 3Engineers want to motivate children to play a positive role in protecting our natural world so they have written a series of stories to teach children about how we can care for our planet. We are very excited that their first book will be released before Christmas and is called 'Stop Dropping Litter!'. It follows a little girl called Scout on her journey to spread the word about how we can all contribute to caring for our planet.

The children drew pictures of their favourite characters from the story which we have sent to The 3Engineers.


We had a wonderful week of exploration using Blue bots to create algorithms (a set of instructions). We sent the Blue bots around the house to turn off the lights in order to save electricity. Then we had to debug our programme as some irresponsible people had left rubbish in some of the rooms!

Forest School. Term 2

'Fun!' 'Excellent!' 'Great!' 'Amazing!' 'Fantastic!' 'The best!' 'Magical!' 'Exciting!'

This is how the children have described their Forest School experiences this term.

The children have learnt about resilience, perseverance, risk taking and problem solving in these valuable sessions. It has been a pleasure to observe the children learn from each other and enjoy being outside whatever the weather!

Festive Fun 2021!

In the lead up to Christmas, we have been enjoying some Design and Technology. We evaluated a range of stockings before designing and sewing our own (using running stitch). The children then evaluated their own stockings, and as you can see lots of them scored 5/5 stars! 

A Christmas tradition that we all look forward to is the Christingle service. The children made their Christingles very carefully and they looked beautiful when we lit them in class for our Christingle service. 

Term 3: A curious visitor

We have had an exciting start to our new topic, 'Who was Samuel Pepys?' We came in from play and the classroom smelled very smoky, then we found an unusual bag with a letter in it. The letter had (apparently) been delivered from London in 1666 and the writer asked us to look after his most treasured possessions; can you guess what they were? A bottle of wine and some stinky cheese!

The letter was from a man called Samuel Pepys who lived over 350 years ago and lived through the Great Fire of London. We are determined to find out as much as we can about The Great Fire of London and about Samuel Pepys, and we are sure that we will have great fun while we learn!