Eco Club

Welcome to the Discovery School Eco-Club.  We meet every Thursday after school and together we learn how to help the environment and to make it a better place. 


The Eco-Club is linked to the nationwide scheme Eco-Schools. Our main aim is to get the green flag and to be recognised as an Eco-School.    There are nine different topics which we need to focus on.  These are; litter, waste, energy, water, biodiversity, school grounds, transport, global citizenship and healthy living. 

Competition Results

The Great Sunflower Race was very close. There was some jostling for first week it was one class, the next week a different class...we also had some impressive sunflowers, one of the flowers had a diameter greater than 30cm!


The prize for the tallest sunflower was an up-cycled sunflower trophy which will be passed on year to year, and a solar powered dancing sunflower for the winning class to keep.


The winners of the Great Sunflower Race are...


3rd place - Edison Class - 1m 35cm

2nd place - Goodall Class - 1m 44cm

1st place - Edison Class - 1m 46cm



Members of Edison Class, proudly holding their sunflower trophy.


Well done Edison!

For photos of the other sunflowers, see the allotment page. As you can see, some impressive specimens and the bees love them.

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How to save water around the home…

  • Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth.
  • Collect rain water in buckets or water butts.
  • Collect warm-up water* in a container and use to water your plants.
  • Take a shorter time in the shower.  Ideally less than 4 minutes.

*warm-up water is the water coming out of the tap before the hot water