Science Zone

Welcome to the Science Zone!

At the Discovery School, we love exploring, experimenting and enquiring. The Science Zone is the place where we share our love of science.  Watch this space for 'Term of the Term', which will be launching in September. This will help you to talk like a scientist and wow your friends with your scientific vocabulary! From September, you will also be introduced to a 'Scientist of the Term' too...I wonder who our first scientist will be.

We thought your families would like to join in the fun too, so on this page, you will find experiments for you to try at home (with the support of an adult). Remember to take photos of your super science and email them to one of the science team so that we can share your brilliant work with the world! Click on the images below to have fun with rocket science!

*If you or one of your family members does not want their picture on the website, please share your work with us in another way, perhaps print a photo off at home and bring it into school.*

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Miss Roe:

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