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FODS Newsletter March 18

FODS quiz night on Friday 4th May

FODS Newsletter - November 17


We have been overwhelmed by the support of our parents, carers and staff in our fundraising efforts for the school. For the financial year, April 2016 – March 2017 we were able give to the school a grand total of £16,700 from the money raised at our main community and social events: Quiz night, Summer Fair, Fireworks and Christmas Fair during this period.


The money went towards the purchasing of:


  1. Picnic tables and umbrellas
  2. Sun hats for all the children
  3. Playground benches
  4. Lunchtime playground equipment and improved storage
  5. Resources for developing and improving the library
  6. Resources to help children to transition from EYFS to Year 1


We have an ambitious target for April 2017 – March 2018 of £20,000.  The school has identified through the school impact plan that the funds will go towards:


  1. KS2 activity trail
  2. windows tablets 
  3. woodland learning area and resources


FODS Committee Members
Tony Lyons Chair
Leigh McCahon Vice Chair
Simon Roberts Treasurer

Claire Gobbett /

Tina Ivanov

Vice Treasurer
Vacant Secretary
Susan Lyons Minutes Secretary
Neve Smith Committee Member


We look forward to another successful year, while having fun and making new friends.



Please feel free to contact the committee by emailing We are friendly bunch and would love to hear from you.  We need your support.

Label Planet


If you need to buy name labels, if you purchase them for Label Planet we receive commission on purchases.  You can use this link and put in our fundraising number 35874



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