Support Staff

Office Staff

Mrs C Caplan

Mrs S Taylor
Mrs G Priddis
Mrs S Wilkins
Mrs S Mason

Office Manager

(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Admissions Officer and Clerical Assistant

(Monday am, Tuesday, Wednesday am, Thursday and Friday)

Receptionist and Clerical Assistant
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Receptionist and Clerical Assistant
(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs A Lihou

(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Business Manager

Mrs A Alexander

(Wednesday pm, Thursday and Friday)

Site Manager

Miss R Hammond

(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning)

ICT Technician

Lunchtime Supervisors

Sarah Mason (Lead)

Celina Carney (Lead)

Aswathy Anil Kumar Sabitha

Victoria Ankers

Gillian Benton

Sammy Collison

Jacqueline Farrington

Angela Fearne

Lynsey Gibb

Laura Honey

Sue Cook

Victoria Coleman

Elaine Hussey
Penny Lawrence

Robyn Ledger

Natalie Pickover

Victoria Poynter

Pat Spree

Alison Steenberg

Jane Terry

Elizabeth Ward-Lewis

Katie Halsey

Rachel Thornton

Before and After School Club Staff

Victoria Ankers

Cheryl Burke
Donna Baldwin

Penny Brown

Michelle Butler

Neenie Campbell 

Sarah Mason

Sonia Rose

Bev Sinclair

Victoria Woodhams

Angela Fearne


Mrs M Butler

Mrs T Davies

Mrs P Spree

Mrs R Webb

Miss L Carter

Ms M Whittle