British Values

We make decisions together. (Democracy)

Democracy and making decisions together is firmly embedded into all we do at our school. We use pupil and parent voice to continuously develop and improve, including the use of surveys and Parent Partnership meetings. Our School Council members, who have been elected solely by their peers, meet regularly with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss school issues. Pupils work with their teachers to create class rules at the beginning of each academic year, helping them to understand the process of rule-making. We also encourage pupils to respectfully share their views during circle times and other less formal activities.

We understand that rules matter. (Rule of Law)

Right from the start of their Discovery School life, pupils are encourage to take part in establishing their own class rules so that they understand that rules are for their own protection, that it is their responsibility to abide by them and that they understand the consequences of not following rules. Pupils are rewarded for following class and school rules within their classroom and they can also receive a Friday ‘Star of the Week’ and ‘Deputy Head Teacher Award’ in ‘Celebration Assembly’. We hold a termly ‘Excellence Award Assembly’ to celebrate children who uphold the school rules and values consistently. Assemblies and circle time sessions focus on recognising right from wrong. Consequences, in-line with the school’s Behaviour Policy, remind children that breaking the rules may impact on themselves and others. We encourage visits and assemblies from our local Police Officer and PCSO to reinforce this.  

We believe in freedom for all. (Individual Liberty)

Children are actively encouraged to make choices as independent learners, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. Children are taught to understand their personal freedoms and how to use these rights to best effect. Lessons in E-safety, PSHE and RE education all enable children to make choices safely.

We treat people how we want to be treated. (Mutual Respect & Tolerance)

The pupils in our school are respectful to each other. This is one of our core school values and is frequently discussed in school through assemblies, circle time and meetings. All members of The Discovery School community are taught to be caring and tolerant of others and this is also reflected through our Behaviour policy. Pupils are taught that they live in a multicultural society and that is it important to embrace others similarities and differences. Pupils experience other cultures and religious beliefs through RE lessons, PSHE lessons, guest speakers from our wider community and themed weeks. An understanding of all major faiths is taught as the pupils move through the school. We support a number of charities, locally and globally, which are selected by the pupils themselves with the help of the School Council representatives.