Year 1 Learning Updates

September 2021 - Fun at Forest School!

Our Year 1 children have all now had the opportunity to experience forest schools, at least once, with Mrs Chapman (our forest school teacher). They have enjoyed the range of different activities that they have taken part in so far, especially drinking hot chocolate. As you can see in the photos below there are activities linked to many different areas of the curriculum including maths, science, art and English.

We will add more photos as we take them but here are just a few...

Dinosaur Poetry - 12th October 

This week in our English lessons we have been learning the poem '5 Big Dinosaurs'. The children have added their own actions to help them remember the words. Going forward, we will also be matching rhyming words and completing poems with appropriate rhyming words. 

Here is a copy of the '5 Big Dinosaurs' poem. 5 Big Dinosaurs

Dazzling Dinosaur Day 

At the end of term 1, we were lucky enough to be visited by the fantastic Dino Girl and her team of dinosaurs. The children had an exciting and fun packed day during which they learnt about a range of dinosaurs. They also learnt how scientists discovered dinosaurs and the very basics of what a fossil is- they were also able to create our own fossils! They took part in a range of scientific and creative tasks including a sand dig to discover dinosaur bones. The day ended with a demonstration of how a meteor might have hit the earth leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. A memorable day for all!

Captivating Computing 


During the first week of term 2 the children had their first series of computing lessons. They learnt how to turn on, log in to and use an iPad safely. The children learned what a username and password are and they used their own personalised details to log into (and out of) Purple Mash. While on Purple Mash, they were able to edit their avatar, access their ‘2Do’ area of the program in order to complete tasks set by their teacher. They loved their computing sessions - the classrooms have never been so quiet during a lesson! 

The end of Forest School sessions, for now...


Our 'Forest School' sessions for this term have now come to an end...but worry not, the children have three more sessions to come this year! We will remind you of these as they are approaching. The children, and adults, have had a fantastic time in our new 'Forest School' with Mrs Chapman. To see photos of year 1 during these sessions please click on the link below. 

Our Amazing Africa Day

On Tuesday 16th November we were lucky enough to have the fantastic company 'African Experiences' come into Discovery School to visit all the children in year 1. It was a fun packed day which started with some basic information about Africa and an interactive story telling session which some of the children were part of. 

The children then enjoyed a variety of other African themed activities including:

  • African mask making, where they used the pointillism technique to design their own mask.
  • African necklace designing, where they learnt about jewellery in Africa and created their necklace in that style.
  • African dance, where our visitor, Anna, taught them African dance moves and they performed a routine to the African drums. 
  • African drumming, they learn how to play the base and tone on the African drums and performed a drumming routine together. 

The drumming was definitely a favourite for a lot of the children!

Odd Sock Day

On Thursday 18th November, the children had fun wearing odd socks but more importantly could explain why they were wearing odd socks. Some of the reasons that they gave were....because we are all unique, because we are all different and because we are all special in our own way. They also created class wreaths which related words.



Interesting Instructions

On 29th November we started looking at instructions. The children looked a range of instructional texts and highlighted the different words that are used in these type of texts, for example, bossy words (cut, stick, get) and time words (first, next, finally). We also talked about the different features of instructional texts, for example, numbers and pictures.

On 30th November we followed verbal instructions to create a Christmas tree collage. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and will be writing their own instructions for this activity later in the week. 

Pretty Peppermint Creams

We started our Christmas festivities on Thursday 9th December. We worked on our 'secret Christmas project' - peppermint creams for our parents and carers. The children had a fantastic time: reading through the instructions, measuring ingredients, mixing, colouring, rolling and cutting to create their beautiful multicoloured peppermint creams!

These have now been sent home and we home you enjoy eating them. 


Creative Christmas Boxes

On Monday 13th December, the children let her creativity flow when they decorated their own Christmas tree boxes for their peppermint creams. The classrooms were full of Christmas music, lots of glitter and an abundance of jewels for them to choose from.

Its safe to say that Christmas spirit was definitely in the air!