Year 1 Learning Updates

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at weight and capacity in our maths lessons. During this time the children were able to explore different quantities using different materials in a range of containers. They enjoyed measuring and using mathematical language to describe and compare the quantities of the different containers. They used language such as, empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full.

The photos below show some of the exciting learning that took place.  

During our computing lessons, we have been learning all about algorithms (commands) and the children have been learning how to control the Bluebots. They have been able to predict, plan and command the Bluebots with growing accuracy. We will be continuing to use Bluebots for the next few weeks.

The children have been extremely excited about our computing sessions. 

On Wednesday 12th May the year 1 children were luckily enough to experience the 'Space Dome'. Our visitor, and tout guide into Space, Mr Gi talked to the children about light and dark, the moon, the sun and other stars and of course, the planets. All the children, and adults, learnt lots about our galaxy and had a fantastic time!

Term 5, Week 5

This week in maths we have been looking at doubling numbers to 10. We practised doing this practically before moving on to look at the symbols and language related to multiplication. We have discussed how '2 x' is the same as doubling. 


Term 5, Week 5

We have started to use the 'Daisy Dinosaur' program this week in our computing lessons. The pupils have been exploring a range of commands in order to help them complete a challenge with Daisy. They thoroughly enjoyed this and we will continue using this program in the coming weeks. 

Design and Technology
Term 6 - Week 1

In our D & T lessons, we designed and created some wonderful space models out of plasticine, straws, wood, pipe cleaners and other materials. We created a colourful corridor display outside our classroom for everyone to admire. We also displayed our class books full of the space riddles that we wrote last term in our English lessons. 

Term 6 Week 4
Our walk around Kings Hill

On Wednesday 30th June, we went on a topic walk around Kings Hill. We looked for human and physical features as we walked up to the old 'Control Tower' now known as Costa Coffee. We took rubbings of the different plaques on the ground and looked at all the other features around which described the history of Kings Hill. After that we stopped for a snack before heading to the different structures and statues around Liberty Square. Finally we headed back to school, again looking at the human and physical features. It was a great morning!

A very big thank you to all the parents that helped us on our walk. 

(Photos will be uploaded shortly)

Term 6 Week 4

Sports Day

The year 1 children had a fantastic time taking part in our sports day on Thursday 1st July.

Our circuit races included: a running race, a skipping race, a water race, the hurdles and javelin.

We also had a couple of running races at the end. After which the fastest boys and girls received medals. 


(Photos will be uploaded shortly)