Everyone enjoys playing games (and there are lots of amazing games on the internet!) but finding appropriate ones can sometimes be really hard!

Below we have created lists of games aimed at helping you to learn different subjects.   We have even included some ‘just for fun’ ones!

If you know of any other good games that could be included on here, let your teacher know and they might get added to the list!

Maths Games

Bus Driver Addition - Simple money problems





A great variety of maths games




A huge variety of maths games




Reception - Learning to count game


English Games


Some great games to help you improve you spelling




A variety of games as well as some online books and comics



Homophones - Using the correct vocabulary game



Homophones - Memory pairs games



Homophones - connect the homophones to their definitions




 Homophones - Another memory pairs game



Improve your phonics with Phonics Play

Games for a variety of subjects



A huge variety of learning games at Arcademic Skill Builders





More learning games at Learning Games For Kids


'Just For Fun' Games



Some fantastic games from the BBC




Games about the environment - create a new species!




Some great games from CBeebies




Horrible Histories games suitable for Key Stage 2





Some great games from Tate Kids

Computing/Coding Games

Some of these games require downloading files to your computer.  Remember, you should always ask an adult before downloading files from the internet onto your computer!



Coding Tynker - Hour of Code - Great for KS1 or coding beginners





Studio Code - Great coding website for all ages





Learn how to code with your favourite Nickelodean characters




Scratch - A fantastic programming game for KS2




Kodu - A fantastic programming game for KS2

E-Safety Games



E-Safety Game for Upper Key Stage 2




An Online Safety Quiz


History Games



A game based on helping during the Great Fire of London

Typing Games


 Learn to touch type with the BBC Dance Mat Typing Program




Typing games and lessons on this website





Test your typing skills with these challenging games


Science Games



A range of exciting games on a variety of science topics




Fantastic science games from the Science Museum in London




Great revision games for Key Stage 2 children from the BBC


Please be aware that The Discovery School has no control over the content of the websites listed above.  The school has looked at the content of the webpages at the time of writing but cannot guarantee the appropriacy of any future content.