Year 5

Industrial Action Home Learning 2023

Little Leigh Primary School: Year 1

Welcome to Year 5!

Secondary School Information

Here is our Secondary School Transfer and Kent Test Parent Information presentation from 2022-23.

 Secondary School Transfer and Kent Test Parent Information

Meet the Teacher

Please find our 'Meet the Teacher' presentation below, if you were unable to attend our meeting or would like to watch again.


Can children wear smartwatches in school?

Children are allowed to wear a watch in school, as long as it does not have the capability to send or receive text messages, make phone calls or take photos. If the watch has this capability, it must be handed in to the Class Teacher at the beginning of the day.

How will I know when secondary school open days begin?

If you are interested in a particular school, please check their website for information.

Expectations in Year 5!

As the children are now in Upper Key Stage 2, it is very important for them to set a great example to the younger children in the school.  They should exemplify the school's values and be the best they can be!


Staffing and Classes

Hawking Class is located in Pavilion Two, on the left hand side. This class is named after the famous scientist, Stephen Hawking!  Mrs Hind, Mrs Brown and Miss Bennett teach in this class.

Johnson Class is located in Pavilion Three, on the right hand side. This class is named after Katherine Johnson, a mathematician and NASA computer scientist! Miss Beard, Miss Talbot and Miss Smith teach in this class.

Jackson Class is located in Pavilion Three, on the left hand side. This class is named after Mary Jackson, a mathematician and aerospace engineer Miss Stock, Mrs Reed, Mrs Brett and Mrs Steenberg teach in this class.

Should you need to contact any member of the Year 5 team, please use the following email addresses:

Mrs Hind (Year Group Lead):

Miss Beard:

Miss Talbot:

Miss Stock:


PPA time and covered lessons

PPA time is time set aside for teachers, during their timetabled teaching day, to allow them to carry out planning, preparation and assessment activities. PPA time is covered each week by the Year 5 Teaching Assistants.  The lessons are planned by the class teachers and delivered by a TA.  This term, PPA cover lessons are as follows:

Hawking Class - Geography with Mrs Brown

Johnson Class - Geography with Miss Smith

Jackson Class - Geography with Mrs Reed

Class Timetables

Year 5 Timetable

This is an example of how our timetable looks for Terms 3 and 4.


Children must come to school in their PE kits on PE days. This term our PE is as follows:

Hawking: indoor PE is on Monday and outdoor PE is on Friday

Jackson: indoor PE is on Monday and outdoor PE is on Friday

Johnson: outdoor PE is on Tuesday and indoor PE is on Thursday.

Please make sure they have the correct, named kit for outdoor and indoor lessons, especially a warm navy tracksuit and trainers for the colder weather.

If children have their ears pierced, they will be expected to take out their earrings or cover them with medical tape for PE lessons.


In line with the school's Homework Policy, children in Year 5 are expected to complete homework tasks in English and maths which should take approximately one hour.  Reading is in addition to these tasks.  If children do not complete the tasks on time, they will be expected to complete them during a lunch hour.

Homework is set on a Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.


Regular reading is of vital importance to support children's academic progress so please encourage your children to read as much as possible. We expect children to read at least five times per week and - if they can - for at least 20 minutes.  Children will be set a reading challenge on Class Dojo, which they must complete weekly.



Children should complete the task given to them by their teacher - this will be set through Class Dojo and will consolidate learning from the week's lessons. The children should complete their homework online and upload this to the Dojo. This will be checked on a weekly basis.



Children should complete the work set on Reading Plus.


Extra Online Resources


Times Table Rockstars - 

Prodigy Maths -

Bug Club - 

Year 5 Curriculum

The curriculum at The Discovery School is an enquiry based one in which the children are encouraged to ask and answer questions about a topic.  

Through this enquiry based learning, the children will get the opportunities to experience a range of activities which will help to develop further their knowledge and skills of the wider world. 

Year 5 Learning experience guarantees 2021 - 2022 

Throughout the year the children in Year 5 will be trying to discover the answers to these 'Questions for Discovery':

Terms 5 and 6

Terms 3 and 4

What is the next giant leap for mankind?

Terms 1 and 2

Were the Vikings always vicious?



Reading Plus

 To support the children in reading this year, we have implemented the exciting Reading Plus online programme. Reading Plus targets the children's fluency and comprehension, directly improving their reading skills. As a result, we hope that the children will become quicker, more efficient readers.

Reading Plus has a variety of texts for the children to choose from and their progress can be monitored by us. This is an amazing benefit, as it means that we can see if the children are reading regularly and offer support where needed. The texts and comprehension questions are tailored for each child, making this accessible for everyone!

Reading Plus can be accessed on:

Our school's site code is: rpthedi2

Your child’s username and password will be sent home.

Reading Records

This year, your child will bring home a reading record. They are able to write in this themselves and you will need to sign this every week. Your child's teacher will also sign this every week. 

Upcoming Events


To give you an idea about what happens in secondary transfer.

Kent Guide to Applying to Grammar School 

Provision  Maps

Please click here to access the whole school provision map outlining all the interventions taking place in the school.  If you have questions about any of the provision that is taking place for your child, please ask your child's class teacher.