EYFS Learning Updates

Term 6

Week 1/2

Welcome back to Term 6, this term we are going on our trip to Godstone Farm. We have been preparing for our trip and learning lots about farms and farm animals. We have written letters to the farm to let them know which animals we would like to see and Godstone Farm emailed us asking us to learn the story 'Rosie's Walk'. We are going to tell it to the animals at the farm when we get there! In maths we have been learning about how to use our adding skills to double numbers, we have been using lady birds to help us! Here is some pictures of what we have been up to: 

Week 3/4

This week we have continued to learn about the farm, we learnt all about cows and how to milk them! We have learnt to retell the story, 'Rosie's Walk', ready to tell it to the animals at the farm. In maths we have been learning about measuring length and height, we have loved exploring and learning how to measure using objects and rulers. We were also very lucky to have special visitors to teach us about Chinese New Year! Here are some pictures of our learning:

Our trip to Godstone Farm!

We had so much fun at the farm, we met lots of animals and even got to feed them and hold them! A farmer showed us around the farm and taught us all about different jobs on the farm. They also answered lots of our questions to help us learn more about life on the farm.

Sports Day!

We had lots of fun on our Sports Day! We had bouncy hopper races, running races, egg and spoon races, throwing games, jumping races and hopping races! 

The scores were:

1st place SCOTT

2nd place COOK

3rd place FRANKLIN

4th place SHACKLETON 

Well done Reception you worked so hard!

Celebration Day!

We had so much fun on our celebration day, we played party games, ate party food and had a disco on the field! We also talked lots about our favourite memories from Reception and what we are looking forward to in Year 1.

Term 5 

Week 1/2

In EYFS we have been learning the story, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have learnt how to retell the story and sequence it in the correct order, we have tried lots of yummy food from the story and made fruit kebabs by cutting the fruit up all by ourselves! We have also learnt lots about the life cycle of a butterfly and we have used our creative skills to paint, collage and build lots of exciting art pieces linked to the story. In PE we have been learning how to do gymnastics and move our bodies like caterpillars or butterflies and we used big soft play to make obstacle courses. In Week 1 we also learnt about Saint George's Day and we made puppets to retell the story. Here are some pictures of the amazing things we have been up to...

We also found a birds nest in our outside area, so we have been learning lots about baby animals and spring time! 

Week 3/4

This week an alien spaceship crash landed in our outside area! We couldn't believe it. Luckily an alien called Beegu left us a letter and explained what had happened. Now we are learning to retell her story to help her Mummy and Daddy to come and find her.

Here is a picture of Beegu:

Have you seen her anywhere? We have been making lost pictures to help her be found and find her way back home.


We found out that Beegu is from Mars so we have decided to learn more about space and our solar system. Here are some of our learning:

Happy Eid!

This week we have been learning about Ramadan and Eid! We had fun making cards, dancing to music, colouring special signs of Islam and learning about hena hand art!


Week 5 - National Numeracy Day!

For National Numeracy Day we have been learning lots about numbers and how important they are! We have been speaking about what we want to be when we grow up and how numbers will play an important part in that job. Here is some of the learning we have been up to: