Values & Vision


At The Discovery School, we aim to guide and support children's development, shaping them for life as well as giving them the essential tools for learning. We believe that education is about children having the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery, to ask questions, to solve problems and to be creative in their learning in all subjects. We want our children to develop as self-confident learners; maturing socially and emotionally as young citizens.

We want all of our children to leave The Discovery School with:

  • Skills for life and aspirations for their future

  • Confidence and self belief

  • Good manners and respect

  • Tolerance and understanding

  • A positive attitude towards learning

  • Happy memories

  • Responsibility for their actions

  • Pride in themselves, others, their school and their community

Our School Values






Our school values were chosen by our children, parents and staff and they underpin everything we do. During the school day, children and staff are awarded value points when they are displaying these values. These value points are collected on a Friday during our Celebration Assembly and the winning house for the week receives a star to go onto the values board. At the end of each term, the winning team is rewarded with activities such as an extra playtime, non-uniform day or a special film to watch.

The Discovery School has four houses. These houses are used for many things in school including: PE lessons, rewarding our school values and during Sports Day. Our houses are named after gemstones. The House names are:

Topaz (Blue house)

Garnet (Red house)

Citrine (Yellow house)

Peridot (Green House)

You can find out more about why we have recently changed our House names by visiting the Diversity Council's webpage:

Diversity Council

Each house has two house captains from Year 5, which are chosen by their peers after a presentation to them. Everyone belongs to a house including the staff and siblings are always in the same house too.