Year 3 Learning Updates

11/10/21 - Fantastic Learning at Kent Life

Last week the Year 3 children had the amazing opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the Stone Age through some fantastic workshops at Kent Life.  The children learnt about weapons and tools from the Stone Age.  They also got to meet a tribe member and find out all about life within the tribe.  All the children came back with an enriched knowledge of this period in history and had a fantastic time.  You can see how much they enjoy it from the photos below!

Week Commencing 27/9/21

This week the children have been delving deeper in their search for the answer to their Question For Discovery (What was life like in prehistoric times?).  The Year 3 children all decided that they wanted to know what houses were like in prehistoric times.  So, they set about researching Stone Age houses and learnt that the houses changed over time.  They discovered that the human race changed from hunter gatherers to farmers and that the houses changed as they did this.  To demonstrate their deepening understanding of Stone Age houses, they created replicas of houses from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras.  The children learnt that the early humans lived in caves and moved around as they needed to source more food.  They learnt that some early settlers built tent like structures to live in, using turf and animal skins to cover them and make them waterproof.  Finally, they built more permanent structures as they changed to farmers.  You can see some of the amazing designs the children created below. 

24th September 2021 - Amazing Algorithms!

This week the children in Year 3 have started to find out more answers about our Question of Discovery: 'What was life like in prehistoric times?'.  They have explored the different types of houses that people used to live during the Stone Age and learnt how these changed across the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras.  They had to be secret detectives and find out about their own individual type of house or shelter and then share this with the class. You can see some examples of the great work they produced below.  

However, I think most children would say their most exciting learning this week was a fantastic robotics project using Lego Wedo 2.0.  The children learnt about how the stones found at Stonehenge travelled huge distances to be placed there and the people who moved them had no technology to help them to do it.  So, we decided to design a robot that could do all the pulling for them!  The children managed to write an algorithm that would help the robot pull the stones.  However, they found that they needed to debug (adjust) the code to help the robot travel with the stones over different surfaces. They learnt about how a motor is an output device and it is controlled by the algorithm. You can see some pictures of the children developing their robots below.