Interesting Websites

There are so many websites on the internet it is sometimes hard to find ones that are really interesting to explore.

On this page we have compiled some of the best ones for you!  Try exploring a few and see what you find. 

Remember, we are going to update this page regularly so come back to explore more interesting sites!

All the fun that the BBC has to offer! Check out this website to find out all sorts of interesting fact about lots of different topics.

Are you in Reception? Check out PEEP and the Big Wide World. This is a fun and interactive educational site with plenty to do for the little ones and gives parents plenty of educational resources. There are colouring pages along with games and offers activities for parents and children to do offline. 

Do you love animals? Then why not take a look at Switch Zoo: Animal Games? This site has plenty of animal games including making your own animal, building the right habitats and a great deal more!

Do you want to practise your typing skills and have fun at the same time? Why not give Dance Mat Typing a go? This fun website allows you to watch the screen instead of your hands as you learn to type at speed.

Fancy doing a good digital deed? Want to help feed people in poorer countries around the world? Play the games on this website and, each time you get a question right, the website donates ten grains of rice to poor countries around the world.  Your fun can feed families!

Interested in the environment? Check out the amazing website below to learn about and play games based on environmental issues. A great website if you have homework on the environment!

Loads of fun all under one roof! Check out the fun games, read an online book or even a new comic strip.  A great website if you have a few minutes free time to fill.

Want some offline inspiration? Check out this online website full of great arts and crafts ideas, magic tricks, jokes, science experiments and even recipe ideas!  Remember though, if you are carrying out a science experiment or planning on cooking, make sure you have an adult’s permission and support.

Need some reading inspiration? Check out this fantastic website that is jam-packed full of fantastic book reviews.  You can search by genre or by author – you are bound to find something that you will enjoy!

Is deep space exploration your thing? If so, check out the fantastic Nasa Kids Club website full of interesting facts about past and present missions into space.

If that wasn’t enough deep space information for you, check out Nasa Space Place for even more space facts and games.

Interested in the spectacular world around us? Check out National Geographic Kids to learn amazing facts about the creatures that inhabit planet Earth.

Don’t be put off by its rather plain look – as they say you can’t judge a book by its cover! This is a wonderful website that has links to all sorts of amazing science topics.

Interested in finding out the latest news?  Check out the Newsround website for all the latest from around the world. 

Fancy yourself as a bit of a record breaker?  Find out about all the latest records from around the world!

An amazing website that tells you about the amazing things in the world around us.  Learn about a new wonder from the world everyday!

Are you a budding artist?  If so, you really ought to check out the National Gallery of Art interactive kids webpage. It is full of amazing online resources!

Do you see yourself as the future Berners-Lee?  Have you got a mind full of inventions? Explore this website and find out how some of the American inventors got started on their journey to greatness.

Want to develop your estimating skills? Try the website below. 

Want to become a science genius? Check out this amazing website full of science clips 

Please be aware that The Discovery School has no control over the content of the websites listed above.  The school has looked at the content of the webpages at the time of writing but cannot guarantee the appropriacy of any future content.