Year 6 Learning Updates

Making blood! January 2024

This week, Year 6 embarked on a thrilling scientific journey deep inside the human body that left them wide-eyed with wonder and curiosity. We delved deeper into the body and created our own version of blood! 

Blood, the life force that courses through our veins, is a mysterious concoction of cells, plasma, and magical properties. To help grasp the complexity of this vital fluid and, more importantly, to have a hands-on experience in understanding its composition, the children used a range of household ingredients and equipment to create our own blood replicas. Each group carefully measured and mixed their ingredients, taking note of the proportions to ensure a balanced and realistic representation of blood. Here's how we got on:

Make do and Mend - December 2023

During the Second World War, rationing of clothing was introduced to ensure equal availability for all to scarce resources. Everyone was urged to take care of their clothes and to reuse materials whenever possible. To round off our WWII topic in Year 6, the children brought in old clothes and materials in order to up-cycle them and experience for themselves just how difficult a time this was for people during the war. It also gave us a great opportunity to revisit and improve on our sewing skills. Here are some photos of how we got on:

Magistrates Talk - December 2023

This week, Year 6 were lucky enough to have a criminal court judge visit each of our classes and talk to us about all things related to being a magistrate and the law. We learnt about many different types of crime, the process of being convicted and also what happens after setencing. What an eye-opening experience it was! 

Horton Kirby - November 2023

As part of enriching and deepening our knowledge of our WWII topic, Year 6 recently visited the fantastic Horton Kirby Environmental Centre. The children were able to learn about and take part in a range of WWII experiences and were truly able to get hands-on and step back in time to relive this era of history. Our trip included: a guided tour around the historic village of Horton Kirby where we learnt about all the jobs and roles the villagers during the war would have been responsible for, experiencing a typical school lesson, finding out about and playing a number of WWII games and also exploring a range of artifacts used during the war from all those years ago. What a brilliant day we all had! 

Dig for Victory! - November 2023

This week marked the beginning of our 'Dig for Victory' campaign in school. The children have begun combatting food shortages by promoting and planting food sources in our allotment. Our aim is to make Britain as self-sufficient in food as possible! 


Prefects - October 2023

Congratulations to all the children who were awarded their prefect badges and responsibilities this week! Our school prefects have an incredibly important role within the school, from conducting parent tours and showcasing how brilliant our school is, to helping with whole-school assemblies and duties. Whilst helping out around the school with many important jobs, our prefects are also ambassadors in demonstrating and upholding all our school values. 

Good luck in your first term's duties - we know you will all be great! 

A busy start! - September 2023

What a fantastic start our new Year Six students have made since returning to school! It's been a very busy and exciting beginning to the year, and we're already very much looking forward to the year ahead.

So far we have settled into out our new classes, began to assign class roles and jobs, got stuck into the curriculum and had a lot of fun launching our first, brand new topic - What was the Home Front?

Here are some photos of our learning and what we have been up to so far.