Year 4 Learning Updates

Building a website

In Computing this week, Y4 have been creating a website on Google Sites about a South-Eastern county of their choice. They have learned how to create a page, copy and paste links and photos onto it and have gained a lot of knowledge about Kent, Essex, Sussex and more!

Safer Internet Day 2024

Thunberg class have been looking carefully at different situations today and looking at the impact that these can have on someone, whether they be positive or negative. Lots of examples were explored, such as influencers and how what they can say can have an impact on us, as well as being persuaded to click on certain links.


Who was Hokusai?

This week, Year 4 have been exploring the work of the Japanese artist Hokusai. He was responsible for this incredibly famous painting:

We have been looking at how this effect was created in the 19th century through printmaking. The classes have discovered more about the artist and will continue to explore his work across this term.

A Roman experience at Kent Life!

On the 1st December, Year 4 visited Kent Life to participate in a number of Roman workshops. Through these, they were able to experience what it was like to be a Roman Centurion and how they transformed Britain's architecture and plumbing. Year 4 had a great time during this practical experience!

A visit from the Dog's Trust.

On the 20th November, The Dog's Trust visited The Discovery School and gave us more information on the behaviour and physiology of our beloved pets. We learned how best to approach dogs, what they love to do and how they interact with one another. We also learned a bit more about the charity and what they do all across the country.

Perfect Pizza Making !

This term, we have focused on Design & Technology, in particular - food technology. As a year group, we researched where food and ingredients come from, designed a pizza, planned and prepared it before cooking it out on an open fire in Discovery Walk! We also considered the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, forming our Eat Well plates to promote healthy living!

As you can imagine, the analysis (eating) stage of our project was the best!





Term 2

How are we in Term 2 already?

Year 4 can look forward to an exciting school trip to Kent Life, pizza making, more ukelele and all of our exciting winter activities in the build up to Christmas! How exciting!

Violent Vesuvius!

As part of our Roman topic, in our English lessons, Year 4 have been reading Escape from Pompeii and learning about the tragic story behind it. Through the incredible images found in the book, we created a descriptive piece of writing and looked at incorporating similes and personification to actively engage the reader. Here are some examples of the fantastic work produced!


20 Years of Discovery!

The Discovery School is 20 years old! Year 4 enjoyed making hats this week and wore them proudly during our whole school picnic. Throughout the day, we learned more about the history of the school and even met some students who used to attend the school! WOW! Here's to another 20 amazing years!

Lego WeDo!

During Week One, Year 4 input algorithms into an app and built a vehicle that could be controlled through a secure connection. This was a fantastic way of testing their knowledge of different computing terms and how to debug an algorithm that has gone wrong.


Welcome to Term 1 of 2023/24!