First day through the eyes of a child

Below are the real life experiences of a child’s first day in The Discovery School and the days that came afterwards. These memories were recited by a girl in Reception to a member of Year Six.

I wasn’t too nervous the night before I came to school because I knew that I was going to enjoy it very much.  But, I did feel worried when I came into school on my first day. In the morning, my teacher said “Hello!” and quickly welcomed me into Jenner class. I knew some children from my old nursery but I made some new friends very quickly. I didn’t miss my mummy when I came into school because I was very happy to be there. I put my hand up a lot on my first day, as I felt very safe. When I went home, I was excited to see my mummy and tell her about what I had been doing.

I like the Discovery School because I think that the classrooms are really fun to look at. I have learnt where everything is at the school now.  I have made lots of friends from the other classes in Reception and with lots of the older children, who look after me when I move around the school. I really enjoy being at my school. Everyone in my class is very kind and they help me if I am stuck on my work. I am looking forward to going into Year One next year. I have school dinners at the school and I think that they are very yummy. At lunchtime, the dinner ladies are very kind and they help me cut up my food.