Whole School Learning Updates

Discovery School News Broadcast December 2022

The second edition of Discovery School News for this year is brought to you our new Key Stage 2 Digital Reporters.  Each term, these children will be creating a news broadcast using green screen technology focusing on whole school events and celebrations.  This term's Christmas episode includes: an 'on location' report from the Year 1 nativity and an interview with a member our local Jewish community about Hanukkah. 




Discovery School News Broadcast October 2022

The first edition of Discovery School News for this year is brought to you by The Diversity Council.  Each term, the children create a news broadcast using green screen technology focusing on whole school events and celebrations.  This term's episode includes: an 'on location' report from the School Council's Food Bank collection project; an interview with members of our local Hindu community who came in to school on our Diwali Day and interviews with members of our winning school football team.

Diwali 2022

On Wednesday 19th October, the children of The Discovery School spent the day learning about and celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali. During the day, the children had special assemblies with members of our local Hindu community who shared what they did during Diwali. The children then spent the afternoon further exploring Diwali. Some year groups also made rangoli patterns, divas and tried their hand at henna painting. 

Have a look at the photos below to see what we the children got up to. A huge thanks to our Hindu community for helping us bring the festival of Diwali to life for our children. 


The Discovery School Wins The World Cup!


On Wednesday 12th October The Discovery School attended a Mini World Cup football tournament at The Gallagher Stadium.

There were 36 schools taking part in this event, and each school was representing a country which will be taking part in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Discovery School were representing Morocco.

Our team was comprised of 10 children from Year 5 and 6 and they worked extremely hard during the group stages of the competition playing five matches: TDS vs Oaks (2-0), Bredhurst vs TDS (1-0), More Park vs TDS (0-0), Kingswood & Platts Heath vs TDS (0-1), TDS vs East Farleigh (0-0). Their fantastic perseverance and determination meant that they came third in their group and earnt themselves a place in the final 16.

In this we started by playing Boughton Monchelsea where we won 3-0. During the quarter-final we faced Tiger School in which we won 1-0. In the semi-final TDS were up against Valley Invicta Aylesford which was another 1-0 win. After all this success we were into the final! Here we played Loose Primary school and managed to beat them 3-0!

The children were delighted to win the whole tournament and certainly did The Discovery School proud.

Well done to all those who participated and thank you to all those people who came to support us!

Learning in 2021 - 2022

The Commonwealth Games Festival 


On Friday 24th June The Discovery school took a group of Year 2 pupils to K Sports to participate in a Commonwealth Games Festival. We had a fantastic time!

We started our day with some yoga; learning different relaxation poses and stretches. After that, we learnt some new games that we can play on the playground. Then, we went and played tennis. To start with, the children worked on our accuracy by trying to ‘hit the frogs’ and then moved onto rallying. Next, it was hockey. We were shown how to hold a hockey stick and then worked on dribbling, passing and shooting. Just before lunch, we played volleyball with a huge ball! This was great fun. After some food, the pupils had a try at archery – some of us even managed to hit the target! Next, we played cricket, learning how to hit and throw a cricket ball. The penultimate activity was learning all about keeping healthy, finding out what foods athletes eat and which they try to avoid. Our final workshop was football. The children started by practicing our shooting and goal keeping skills before playing a small match.

We would like to thank all of the family members who came to cheer us on throughout the day, you definitely kept us going. A huge well done to all of those children who participated in this very exciting festival, you showed brilliant perseverance when learning about these new sports. Fantastic work!

Jubilee Celebrations May 2022

The Children of The Discovery School have spent all week learning about the Queen. Each year group have take a decade of her reign and have learnt about the music, fashion, food and key events of each decade. 

On Friday, the whole school had a celebration assembly to share what each year group had been learning about this week. Following that, we then had a whole school picnic lunch out on the field. In the afternoon, each year group performed a song that they had learnt during the week to the rest of the school. At the end of the day, all our parents and carers came into school to look at our fabulous learning. 

The pictures below give a flavour of our special Jubilee Week.   

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 

Over the past 2 weeks, in our assemblies, we have been learning about Fairtrade Fortnight and how we can help make a difference to others by trying to buy fairly when we can. 

The children of The Discovery School have been raiding their cupboards and local supermarkets to find out which products are Fairtrade. Below are a collection of pictures of the things children have found over the course of the two weeks. 

 For more information about Fairtrade Fortnight click on this link. https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/choose-the-world-you-want/