Zap that Gap!

Below are a selection of resources which can be used by parents at home to help “zap any gaps” children may have in their learning. Your child’s class teacher will always be able to sign post you to the right resources, so feel free to either email or call them for more advice. There are also additional resources to be found on the Home Learning section and Supporting Parents with remote learning of our website. 



Zap that Maths Gap!  -WhiteRose – videos are put up weekly in line with what is being taught in school. A great way of revising and supporting learning in school. - a great way to learn times tables for years 2 – 6 – a great resource for children from EYFS to year 2 – this website has a range of maths games focusing on different maths skills for children in years EYFS – 6. - a range of free maths games which help zap gaps in a range of maths topics. - a great website for a range of subjects. Just select the key stage your child is in and then maths and a range of games will come up.





Zap that Reading Gap! - Reading Eggs – a great resource for EYFS and KS1 in using phonics to help with reading.  - Bug Club online reading for all children.  - Big Cat Books – online reading for all children. Reading plus – for children in Years 5 and 6. - a free website to read a range of short stories together with your child. The stories explore a range of different cultures around the world.

Zap that Phonics Gap! - a collection of free games which allow children to practise key phonic skills. - have a whole area dedicated to phonics.

Zap that Writing Gap!  - KS2 guide to writing different genres and how to add creativity to your writing. - a range of KS1 activities focused on handwriting formation.

Zap that Spelling and Grammar (SPaG) Gap!  – a great resource that revisits skills in spelling a grammar for children in years 2 – 6. Children should have school login details. - Look, Cover, Write, Check. A great way to practise phonics, spelling patterns or the common exception words listed in the UK English Curriculum for all year groups. - interactive look, cover, write and check activity on common exception words for each year group.  - KS2 SPaG practise with useful videos to explain what the different terms mean.  - KS1 SPaG practise with useful videos to explain what the different terms mean.


Zap that Science Gap! - KS1 science topics which children can learn and interactive with.  - KS2 science topics which the children learn and interactive with.