Pupil Zone

Welcome to the Pupil Zone. 

You can find all sorts of interesting and exciting things to do in these pages.  Why not explore some of the ‘Interesting Websites’ that we have compiled for you?  You could also explore a variety of educational games in our ‘Games’ section.  If you need to do an internet search, why not try out our list of ‘Safer Search Engines’ to help with your research.  If you have any other great ideas for exciting links you would like to see added to our website, why not let your teacher know and we might be able to add them for you!

Worry Boxes 

Sometimes, you may have a worry that you would like to share with the adults in the class. You can do this by speaking with them. However, if you are feeling a little shy, why not use our online Worry Box to let them know. 

 Click on the apple below to be taken to the page to do this.