Year 5 Learning Updates


The Dogs Trust

This week, we enjoyed a workshop from The Dogs Trust, where we learned all about how to keep safe around dogs and how to treat dogs! The children loved the opportunity to take part in this exciting workshop!

Super Science!

Year 5 have been amazing scientists this term and have started to investigate different materials! This week, we looked at what happens to raisins when they are dropped into cups of lemonade versus water; we discovered that the carbon dioxide in the raisins help them float to the top and learned about how different materials react to each other!

Viking Day!

This week, Year 5 had lots of fun during Viking Day! We were visited by a time travelling Viking who taught us all about his life and adventures! The children experienced how to write in runes, played Viking games, learned how to make a shield wall and immersed themselves into the lives of the Vikings!



The Discovery School turns 20!

We have had a brilliant day celebrating our school turning 20! Today, we particularly enjoyed making top hats for our assembly and whole school picnic!