Year 5 Learning Updates

The Explorer

Year 5 have come back and enjoyed a fantastic day to launch our new book: 'The Explorer'. We spent the day recreating a page from our book, using four different types of media. Here are a selection of fantastic images that the children created!


Year 5 had a lovely afternoon taking part in the Christingle assembly. They spent time the day before learning about the meaning behind the Christingle and creating their own.

Viking Art

Over this term, Year 5 have been creating Viking inspired brooches. They learned about the different styles of art and how Vikings used to decorate their clothes and jewellery. Here are two examples of their brilliant finished pieces!

COP 26!

Today we have been learning about climate change! Year 5 are very passionate about this important issue and today we took part in an assembly from four leading professionals in STEM careers. The children enjoyed learning about how they could help the planet and even had one of their questions answered on the live Q&A.

Amazing Science!

The pupils in Year 5 have been learning about states of matter in science. They were able to explain  the differences between the different states of matter and separated items into different categories. Here they are showing how solid, liquid and gas particles behave!


Year 5 have had lots of fun recently, learning coding! We used Scratch to create conversations between characters and play musical instruments! The children showed great persistence, as they encountered problems and debugged their code! Here is an example of one child's work!

Amazing Art!

Year 5 have been creating beautiful artwork and exploring the use of watercolours. This artwork has been based on a drawing of a garden in the book 'How to Live Forever'. The children enjoyed trying different mediums to create their picture and even created their own viewfinders! Have a look at some examples of their lovely paintings below!