Transition from Pre-School

The Transition into The Discovery School

At The Discovery School, we understand that starting school is a very exciting time for both you and your child. Despite this, we recognise that there can also sometimes be a few worries, however, we aim to reduce any worries in many different ways. We begin by visiting the pre-schools in April and May to talk to the children's key workers and find out lots about them. In June and July we go back to the pre-schools and play with the children and talk to them about school.  

In July, we hold several ‘Stay and Play’ sessions for you and the children come in to visit us at school and play in their new environment.  We also hold a ‘Welcome Evening’ presentation by the Head Teacher and the Early Years Foundation Stage Leader which will help you understand your child's new adventure at The Discovery School. At this presentation you will also have the chance to meet your child's teacher and teaching assistant in an informal way and get to know them and ask them any questions you may have.

In September we also come to visit the children in their homes for 20 minutes. This is a fantastic chance for us to find out a little bit more from you about your child and it also gives us more of an understanding of your child. Your child will tend to feel more comfortable in their home environment and will show us their true character. We are then able to talk with your child at school about things we know from the visit, for example, their pets, their toys, even the colour of their bedroom! This can really help a child settle in and feel comfortable with us.