Digital Leaders Application!

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The job description can be found here


Digital Leaders Job Description
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The Digital Leaders of The Discovery School are children who carry out some really important roles for the school.  They are children who have shown a key interest in computing and helping the school develop its use of technology.  They have training several times a week with the computing coordinator for the school and use this training to help others.

To become a Digital Leader, the children had to go through a multi-stage interview process in which they had to showcase what they knew about computing and how they could support each other to work as a team.  At the end of this interview process, fourteen children were chosen to be the school’s Digital Leaders.

The Digital Leaders have a number of key roles that help to support how computing is taught and developed throughout the school.  They are specially trained in how to use a variety of computing programs and are called upon by teachers to support them in using and teaching these programs.  They are experts that their class teachers can call upon to help support children in their class when using a variety of computer programs.

As well as supporting in class, the Digital Leaders also have helped to build the new school website.  When you check out one of the games on the site, remember that the Digital Leaders researched them and trialled them so that the children of The Discovery School could use and enjoy them!


Current projects that are underway:


You may have spotted the ‘Ask me about E-safety’ campaign that the Digital Leaders have been championing.  All these dedicated students have been busy researching E-safety top tips for adults and children.  They then used this research to create E-safety leaflets and advice (all of which can be downloaded from the E-safety pages of the website) and they could be seen on the playground giving out these information leaflets to parents.


Watch out for the next round of the ‘Ask me about E-safety’ campaign and make sure to grab a leaflet from one of them!


Upcoming projects:


The Digital Leaders have been busy trialling a safe social network for schools called ‘Edmodo’.  They have been having great fun using it and will soon be sharing how it works with teachers so they can see if it is something that would be suitable for their classes.  Watch this space for information on this project.


The Digital Leaders are also busy learning how to record, edit and add effects to sound files.  They are doing this because the school hopes to launch its own Podcast in the coming terms.  This Podcast will be available to download from Apple as well as from the school website.  It will be a radio show of events that detail events that are going on in the school as well as allowing classes the opportunity to share what they have been up to recently.  We hope it will be an exciting addition to the ways in which the school communicates with parents and look forward to updating you about it soon!