High Interest and Skill

At The Discovery School we believe in growing the skills and talents of all our pupils. We know that every child develops differently and their interest in a particular area can help them to develop their skills in this area. 

We regularly review which children are particularly skilled in a specific area of the curriculum and use this knowledge to enable our teachers to further challenge and stretch these pupils. This challenge could take many forms, both within lessons and around the school. This is called our High Skill Group.

We also know that some pupils might develop a particular skill because they have an unusually high interest in an area of the curriculum or other outside area. We call this our High Interest Group. Teachers at The Discovery School use the knowledge of the interests of the pupils to engage pupils in new and exciting ways and use their enthusiasm to develop their skills further.

As we believe that labelling pupils can sometimes have a detrimental impact on their learning, these registers are only used by the teachers in school and are not shared with the pupils themselves. We believe that this approach is better for the pupils’ self-esteem because, if a pupil stops having an unusually high interest in something, their skills in this area might decrease. Telling a pupil that they no longer have a skill that is significantly in advance of their peers would have a negative impact on their self-esteem.  

Click below for our Policy on Meeting the needs of Children with a particular interest or skill:

Meeting the needs of Children with a particular interest or skill Policy