PHSE and Well-being

Social Emotional and Mental Health: a state of well-being

At The Discovery School we value the mental health of our children above all else. For this reason, we have established the SEMH Team to identify, track and monitor the difficulties experienced by our children and the provision in place to support them.

This section includes different strategies and resources to aid those pupils who experience short but significant periods of high anxiety, stress, distress or anger that may have an effect on their well-being or education.


It also includes young people who have a range of longer-term recognised mental health conditions.


For both groups, issues can include:






Healthy Lifestyle Advice

from the NHS




Every child at The Discovery School can access a range of targeted, high-quality interventions to address all areas of wellbeing and social emotional and mental health difficulties children may be facing.           


  1. Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation (including best SEND practice delivered by trained professional) provided by dedicated and caring staff who value all students.
  2. Access to assessment for identification of significant needs.
  3. Access to support from the Family Liaison Officer, Mrs A. Lihou.
  4. Transition support into new year groups and Key Stages.