Growth Mindset and Resilience


'Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ (Henry Ford)


The culture within The Discovery School actively encourages challenge, effort and resilience in all of their pupils and staff. The principles of Growth Mindset originally researched by Carol Dweck, a lead psychologist, underpin all areas of school life as we believe that ability can be developed through perseverance, effort and hard work. Within the classroom, we encourage children to feel safe in making mistakes as part of their learning process and for this to not be viewed as a failure. We praise children for effort, resilience and their determination to succeed.

At The Discovery School, we thoroughly believe in preparing children for their life beyond primary school and we believe that embedding the Growth Mindset principles shared below is one way of doing this:

  1. We can develop our levels of intelligence as intelligence is expandable, not fixed.
  2. We embrace and enjoy challenges.
  3. We persist in the face of setbacks.
  4. We see effort as the way to success.
  5. We learn from our mistakes positively, seeing these as part of the learning journey.
  6. We use feedback as an effective learning tool, helping us to develop further.

These principles enable all learners to reach a higher level of achievement, challenge themselves and develop their resilience.

Below are some helpful links that can further explain the principles behind Growth Mindset and how they support all learners at The Discovery School.


You can download a parental guide to support growth mindset and resilience at home by clicking here.

What is Growth Mindset and Resilience?