Retro Gaming Club

Children are explorers, they like to find things out for themselves and decide what they like and don't like.

As teachers we like to develop this sense of exploration and knowledge in our pupils.


As the school’s resident gamer I often get pupils coming up to me asking about computer games and when I mention some of my favourites such as Galaga, Dizzy or Bubble Bobble the children have a look of pure bewilderment on their face.


As an elder statesman and avid gamer I occasionally feel like and the Keeper of the Gateway to Classic Gaming, suggesting to the children titles which I feel they may enjoy but who am I to decide what games they should play?


Of course I want children to experience stone-cold classics like PacmanSonic and Super Mario Bros. but maybe they should have a chance to experience gaming organically. This could include 'bad' games, like Dragons Lair on the NES or ET on the Atari as well as amazing classics such as Pacman and Space Invaders.


It was due to this that we started the Retro Gaming Club at Discovery; to allow children to experience the evolution of computer games. In a potted history of the medium the children will mine the vein of gaming and work from the humble Pong game to the mighty Street Fighter II. 



You can watch the children go on this journey through the weekly vlogs here for the next few weeks.