PSVR Writing Stimulus

As an interactive medium, video games can be an amazing teaching tool off which to hang learning. They have the ability to engage pupils in a way that other mediums like books and films can't as the games can simulate and adapt to the decisions of the individuals, if we want to go left we can go left! We are delighted to be using the PlayStation VR we have purchased at school to help us engage and immerse our pupils in the world of 'Kensuke's Kingdom', the adventure story by Michael Morpurgo.  We thought that the most appropriate use of the technology would be to describe the setting when the protagonist, a young boy called Michael, wakes up on the shore of a beach after falling overboard his family's yacht after a storm.


We purchased the application 'Perfect' for the Playstation VR, which immerses you in detailed rendered worlds and hope that this will encourage the pupils to write wonderfully detailed descriptions about the deserted beach setting. Year 4 used the software to write a descrpitive piece and below are the stimulus we used and the writing outcome.