PS4 and PSVR in School to Engage and Excite Pupils

At school we purchased a Playstation 4 and a VR headset. The PSVR headset gives a sense of excitement amongst many of the teachers and all of the pupils.


Here at Discovery we hope to use this cutting edge technology as a contextual hub for learning. We’ve spoken before on this page about how video games can be used as an instrument to hang learning on but with VR you can immerse the children in the world, they can BE there, in the digital world.

Over the past few weeks we have been playing and recording a few games, which we feel could be used as a writing stimulus and as a school we will be working diligently to create exciting and fun lesson plans based on these.


With the arrival of the PSVR, the Digital Leaders played the demo disc, which contained several experiences of varying quality, with our digital leaders, pupils who are keen and excited by emerging technologies and they were suitably excited. We have their reactions before and after the VR experience below in our short film.


VR could be an integral part of education and PSVR seems to be one of the most affordable commercial ways to get in on the ground level. Whether the potential is re   alised remains to be seen, but at our school we'll certainly be giving it a good try!