Coding competition Results

A while back children in our school were tasked with making either a platform game or retro arcade game using Scratch or Sploder. We were inundated with wonderfully produced games, and Miss Meiners and I had a very difficult decision to make but after much deliberation we are proud to announce that the winners are Lucas Farley in Goodall class and Penny Ingles in Curie class. 


Lucas has created a great top-down sci-fi shooter in which the hero is tasked with finding a missing scientist in a space port. The game features a variety of weapons and requires the player to search through the base and teleport around the level.


Penny has created a fun and inventive platforming game. She has created multiple levels which features a large variety of enemies and gets progressively more difficult. 

The games are linked below and you can play these games which I have linked below. Go and play them, see what you think and maybe create your own.


Lucas' Game :


Penny's Game :