Who to speak to if you have a problem or question

Sometimes as parents we can be unsure about who to speak to if we have a question, problem or concern. We are keen to ensure that this communication is as straight-forward, reassuring and effective as possible and would like to clarify the roles of key staff in the school.

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The Class Teacher:

This is almost always your first port of call, as they will be expected to resolve the vast majority of concerns relating to your child.

The Key Stage Leader:

This is a key member of staff for you and your child, as they are expected to entirely lead and manage their Key Stage team. They are responsible for behaviour, standards, quality of Teaching & Learning, work and communication across their team. If your concern has been discussed with your child’s class teacher but is unresolved, you should then discuss this with the Key Stage Leader.

The Deputy Headteacher / Headteacher:

As the most senior leaders in the school, we should be contacted if you feel that your concern remains unresolved, after discussion with the Class Teacher and the Key Stage Leader. Concerns, comments or questions sent directly to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher will, in most cases, be forwarded to the Class Teacher or Key Stage Leader for attention.

The SENCo:

If your concern or question relates specifically to SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities), they can be addressed directly to the SENCo.

As a school, we will always endeavour to respond quickly to your communication. The most efficient way to make contact with a member of staff in the school is via email. You will find every teacher’s email address on the school website. Teachers generally will not be able to speak with parents at the start of the day, due to the pressures of managing their classroom at this time. Instead, please email them directly or request an appointment in the office. They will, of course, always aim to make contact with you that day. Please also remember that teachers will generally be unavailable after school every Wednesday, as they will be required to attend the staff meeting.

The Office Team:

If your concern or question is not classroom-related (ie trips, lunches, clubs, attendance etc), this should be addressed directly to the office.


Email: Office@discovery.kent.sch.uk

Telephone: 01732 847000


I hope that this information is helpful. Remember that we are here to help and that we would always want any concerns or issues to be communicated to us straight away.