Welcome to Perfect Peake Class

Our class has been named after the Major Timothy Peake, the first British astronaut in space for over twenty years.  He blasted off for the International Space Station on 15th December 2015 and spend six months in space carrying out experiments.  He even ran a marathon on the Space Station! Peake Class have created a class book about him in our book corner.

Star of the week


Congratulations to David who has won this week's award for his fantastic work for the Labour Party in this week's school election assembly.  Well done David - keep up the good work!


Peake Class Love Reading!

Well done to all the children who achieved their bronze, silver, gold or platinum awards at the end of this term.

Our top readers this week are Mimi, Judah and David with Izzy and Max 'hot on their heels.'


The people who have successfully gained 100 points are now reading for the extended reading challenge; the prize is a new book of your choice. You can complete this reading challenge by reading 14 recommended books from the reading list provided by Mrs Chambers and Mrs Patel. Good Luck!


Evolution and Inheritance


In Science this term we have been learning about Evolution and Inheritance.  We found out that we inherit characteristics from our parents and the same this happens for all living things. 

We have also studied Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution.  We know that, using evidence from fossil remains, DNA and adaptations of the same types of animals, that living things evolved into the amazing array of life we have on Earth today. 

As part of our homework, we found out about the evolutions of our favourite animals, or about an extinct animal from the fossil evidence that has been found.


The General Election


Last week, on 8th June, we held our own election at The Discovery School.  Year 6 represented the four main parties standing in the UK: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.  They make election posters, leaflets, banners and wrote speeches to encourage the children in the school to vote for them. 

In the end, it was a close contest, rather like the actual election results in the UK.

This was the result:

  • Conservatives: 212 votes
  • Labour: 208 votes
  • The Green Party: 147 votes
  • Liberal Democrats: 110 votes.

So, as you can see, the Conservatives won by only 4 votes, leaving a Hung Parliament.

Well done to all the children who took part in the debate and created such convincing campaigns for their political party.  Maybe we have some future politicians amongst our year 6 children!



The Great Theme Park Debate


In English, we have been debating whether a Theme Park should be built on Green Belt Land around Kings Hill.  The children took on different roles:


  1. Paramount Studios (The Theme Park Developers)
  2. Local residents
  3. Local Farmers
  4. The Kent Tourist Board
  5. National Rail
  6. The Highway's Agency
  7. Local Business Owners
  8. The Environment Agency

The children had to think of all the issues that would affect their chosen role and debate with others to persuade them to see their point of view.

We then wrote a persuasive letter to the local council to get them to think about the different sides of the argument.

(Please don't worry, there isn't a Theme Park coming to Kings Hill!)





Local builders were in favour of the project
Local builders were in favour of the project

Local Farmers protested - their land would be ruined and they might lose their farms!

Local businesses were in favour of the scheme, as it meant they would get more business and could expand. 


What do you think?  Would a Theme Park be a good or bad idea?