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Galileo Class is a Year Six class located in Pavilion One, on the right hand side as you come into the door.  Miss Wilce, Mrs Patel and Mr Houldsworth teach the class.



Like all classes in The Discovery School, our class was named after a famous scientist or inventor.  In our case, this scientist was the world- renowned Galileo.  Click on the image below to learn more about the namesake of our class and his famous astronomical legacy.

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Our Classroom Learning Displays:

Reading Challenge

In Galileo class, children can earn points by reading suggested books and completing book-related tasks to achieve bronze, silver, gold and platinum reading awards.



This week, our reader of the week is... Angel


Recently in science, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance. We have identified how animals are adapted to suit their environments and how this can lead to evolution. Did you know that the pollution associated with the Industrial Revolution resulted in the Peppered Moth changing its colour? Did you know that the finches of the Galapagos Islands evolved different beak shapes according to the food sources available on their islands?

Great evolution homework Lucy!

Bald Eagles have bumps on the bottom of their feet to help them pin down struggling prey. Is this a result of evolution?

What an interesting poster Fatima!


This term we are learning skills for playing cricket. This week we caught balls low and high; bowled using the 'star' shape; ran in to bowl and started to bat. We will add to these skills in future weeks and then put it all into practice with some competitive games.

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American Theme Park Coming to Kings Hill!

We have been debating the forthcoming theme park that is to be built at Kings Hill. Children have studied the proposed development from the point of view of: The Environment Agency, Highways Agency, Network Rail, local residents, tourism agencies and local businesses. All of these groups prepared presentations and took part in a planning inquiry to decide the fate of Kings Hill. What do you think?

Discovery Votes!

This week we have spent our time focusing on the general election. To help the younger children decide what party they would vote for, the year sixes decided to prepare an assembly explaining how each party is run and what a general election actually means. Firstly, we all joined in to make props and banners for the assembly. A few people created speeches to try and make pupils vote for their party. After the assembly, students voted for the political party that suited them and the Conservatives won!


By Lucy

Green Fingers

Galileo Class have some very enthusiastic and skilful gardeners!