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Galileo Class is a Year Six class located in Pavilion One, on the right hand side as you come into the door.  Miss Beard and Mrs Stiff teach the class.



Like all classes in The Discovery School, our class was named after a famous scientist or inventor.  In our case, this scientist was the world- renowned Galileo.  Click on the image below to learn more about the namesake of our class and his famous astronomical legacy.

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Our Classroom Learning Displays:

Reading Challenge

In Galileo class, children can earn points by reading suggested books and completing book-related tasks to achieve bronze, silver, gold and platinum reading awards.



This week, our reader of the week is... Tasha Lelittka


Currently in science, we are learning about animals and humans. We began by exploring the human circulatory system and how the heart pumps blood around our bodies.

We created a model to help us explain the process of the human circulatory system
We created a model to help us explain the process of the human circulatory system


This term we are learning skills for dance. This week we worked in groups to choreograph a dance sequence that recreates the beating heart. We are using a piece of music called Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev.

For outdoor P.E. the children were given all sorts of team building challenges. They learned a lot about themselves and their peers!

The Home Front 1939 - 1945

Our topic work explores the era of the Second World War and how sources at the time describe the actions of the people. We are also looking at how the events of that time have affected our lives today.

We recreated a mock air raid in class. As soon as the sirens went off, everyone grabbed their gas mask boxes and made for the safety of the air raid shelters!

Our trip to Horton Kirby

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Horton Kirby. The first session allowed us to explore and use all the playground games of that era, before the air raid sounded and we all had to make our way to the air raid shelter. It was dark in there but we passed the time singing songs and listening to stories about the war. After that, a guided tour of the village meant that we learnt even more about what happened there. Finally, as true evacuees we pretended to have lessons in a 1940s wartime class room. It was very different. We have so many memories of Horton Kirby.


We have been exploring different sketching techniques. The artists we used for inspiration, were Henry Moore and L S Lowry. We have enjoyed focusing on our toning, cross patching and shading skills.

Our sketch work follows the theme of World War II

A visit from the magistrates

We learned about the criminal court system and what today's prisons are like.

Together we choreographed a dance to represent the circulatory system. Some of us became arteries, veins, the heart and the lungs. The whole dance was performed to a piece of music called 'Romeo and Juliet' by Prokofiev.