Welcome to Year 6

What to expect in Year 6

Being in Year Six comes with a lot of responsibility; the children are expected to be role models and ambassadors for the school.  Year Six pupils are the children that the rest of the school look up to and the students that define our school vision and values.  As such, we expect exemplary behaviour from all the children in Year Six at all times during the day.

Although there is a lot of hard work in Year Six, there are lots of things to look forward to as well, including fun and exciting topics, the residential trip, the end of year production and (most importantly) sitting on the benches during assembly!



Remember to keep up-to-date by checking the sections below regularly!

Year 6 Classes and Staff

Galileo Class is located in Pavilion One, on the right hand side as you come into the door.  Miss Marle and Mrs Stiff teach the class.  This class was named after the famous scientist, polymath and astronomer Galileo Galilei. 


Winston Class located in Pavilion One, on the left hand side as you come into the door.  Miss Wilce, Mrs Colegate and Miss Brown teach the class.  This class was named after the famous scientist Robert Winston (not Winston Churchill!).


Peake Class is located in Pavilion Two, on the right hand side.  The class was established in 2016 when The Discovery School finally reached full capacity with three-form entry across the school.  Peake Class was named after Major Timothy Peake, the first British astronaut in space for over twenty years.  He blasted off for the International Space Station on 15th December 2015 and spent six months in space carrying out experiments.  He even ran a marathon on the Space Station!  Miss Verma, Mrs Brown and Mrs Alcala teach in this class.


Should you need to contact any member of the Year 6 team, please use the following email addresses:


Miss Wilce (Upper Key Stage Two Phase Leader): jwilce@discovery.kent.sch.uk

Miss Marle: lmarle@discovery.kent.sch.uk

Miss Verma: averma@discovery.kent.sch.uk



PPA time and covered lessons

PPA time is time set aside for teachers, during their timetabled teaching day, to allow them to carry out planning, preparation and assessment activities. PPA time is covered each week by the Year 6 Teaching Assistants.  The lessons are planned by the class teachers and delivered by a TA.  This term, PPA cover lessons in Year 6 take place every Friday afternoon and lessons are as follows:


Winston Class - RE with Mrs Colegate and French with Mrs Stiff

Galileo Class - French with Mrs Stiff and RE with Mrs Colegate

Peake Class - PE with Mrs Brown and French with Mrs Stiff 



Class Timetables

You can download a copy of an example class timetable below.  Please note that this is subject to change in the case of themed weeks, celebration days, school trips and other events such as the Music at Malling festival concerts.


Year 6 Example Timetable
Example Timetable.docx
Microsoft Word Document 15.4 KB

Up-coming events

Tuesday 23rd April: Pupils back to school - Start of the Summer Term 1

Thursday 25th April: KS2 Theatre Visit - The Railway Children

w/c 29th April: Year 6 Mock SATs Week

Monday 6th May: May Bank Holiday

Thursday 9th May: Parents PGL Meeting @ 3:30pm

w/c Monday 13th May: Year 6 Actual SATs Week

Friday 24th May: End of Summer Term 1


Monday 3rd June: Pupils back to school - Start of Summer Term 2

Friday 7th June - Monday 10th June: Year 6 Residential PGL Trip

Thursday 13th June: Parents Information Evening about Yr 6 Sex Education @ 3:30pm

Friday 21st June: Yr 6 Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) Day

Monday 24th June: Yr 6 talk about Secondary Transition from our local PCSO @ 1:30pm

Saturday 22nd June: Summer Fayre

Tuesday 25th June: Summer Music Concert

Thursday 27th June: Sports Day

Friday 28th June: Inset Day

Tuesday 2nd July: Year 6 Collaborative Day

Thursday 4th July: Whole School Transition Day

Monday 8th July: Reserve Sports Day

Thursday 16th July: Year 6 Production (6pm-8pm)

Friday 18th July: Year 6 Production (6pm-8pm)

Tuesday 19th July: Year 6 Leavers Day

Tuesday 23rd July: Year 6 Leaver's Assembly - End of Summer Term 2




SATs Information and Resources

SATs Meeting for Parents 2019
SATs Meeting for Parents 2019.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 969.0 KB
SATs Timetable
SATs timetable for children.docx
Microsoft Word Document 11.8 KB

Mock Week

Monday 29th April


SATs Week

Monday 13th May


SATs week is approaching so to reduce stress for the children, we are having a mock week commencing Monday 29th April. This is to prepare the children and help them understand what will happen during the real SATs week.


The timetable below is for the mock week and will be the same for the real SATs. 

Please support your children as much as you can; we all want the best for them. 

General Reminders




Regular reading is of vital importance to support children's academic progress so please encourage your children to read as much as possible. They should remember to bring in their reading books and their Home-School Reading Diary daily.




Children should complete the task given to them by their mathematics set teacher. This will be due every Wednesday.




Children should complete the work set by their class teacher. Please remind children of the importance of neat and clear presentation. Children should be writing in blue ink, using cursive handwriting and checking their work carefully for errors.

A SPaG test will be set on www.spag.com weekly. Children are expected to complete this every week, as part of their homework.


PE kits


Children should have their PE kits in everyday, even if it is not a designated PE day, as we often need to be flexible with our timetables.

Please make sure they have the correct, named kit for outdoor and indoor lessons, especially a warm navy tracksuit and trainers for the colder weather.

The Year 6 Curriculum

Term 1 and 2:  On the Home Front


English: key texts - The Little Ships (Louise Borden) Friend or Foe (Michael Morpurgo)

Writing genres: Diary writing, letters home, a flashback story, balanced argument, instructions.

Mathematics: number skills, place value, calculations (written methods), fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio.

  • History - Aspects of British History during World War 2
  • Geography - Understanding and creating maps/ using grid references
  • Music - WW2 Composers and War-time songs
  • Art - Artist study - Michael Foreman: War images in watercolour
  • DT - 'Make do and mend' bunting/ WW2 Food: 'Dig for Victory and preparing WW2 recipes
  • Science - Light/ Electricity
  • Computing - Understanding the internet/ Internet safety/ checking the reliability of sources online 
  • PSHE - Diversity/ Democracy/ Safety awareness
  • RE - The concept of eternity - comparing different religious and non-religious beliefs
  • PE - Outdoor: basketball and handball, Indoor: Gymnastics and dance
  • French - Classroom vocabulary, numbers, weather and conversation starters

Term 3:  Extreme Earth


English:  key text - The Firework Maker's Daughter/ non-fiction information texts about Earthquakes and Volcanoes.  Newspaper reports and instructions.

Mathematics:  measures, area and perimeter, volume, shape and angles.

  • Geography - Physical geography and World map work (Earthquakes and Volcanoes)
  • Music - composition
  • Art - Margaret Godfrey Volcano art: collage
  • Science - Light and how we see things
  • Computing- Internet safety, checking the reliability of sources online and exploring apps
  • PSHE - strategies for coping with mood changes, Theatre ADAD drugs awareness
  • PE - Netball and gymnastics
  • DT - Electrical circuits within a Christmas card.

Term 4 and 5: Mayans, Myths and Monsters


English:  Key texts - Mayan myths.  Narrative, holiday brochures, poetry, formal letter.

Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, statistics and revision in preparation for SATs.


  • History - The Mayan civilisation, including culture, reliability of sources, comparisons with other cultures
  • Geography - Compare UK with Central America (Mexico), Physical and human characteristics of Central America.
  • DT - Cooking and Mexican food preparation (and tasting), how gears and pulleys create movement.
  • Science - Evolution and inheritance
  • RE - Sikhism
  • Art - Fredrick Catherwood - Mayan art.  
  • Computing- Internet safety, checking the reliability of sources online and exploring apps/ Programming
  • PE - Rounders, golf, multi-skills
  • PSHE - Strategies for coping with the pressure of school e.g. SATs

Term 6: Entertainers and Entrepreneurs


English:  Playscripts, drama, oral presentations, persuasion and character monologues

Mathematics: finance, spreadsheets, event planning, using a calculator.


  • Young Enterprise  
  • Art/ DT  - African art/ animal masks
  • PE - Athletics and cricket
  • PSHE - relationships, sex education, living in the wider world, careers talks and mental health
  • Music - performing together
  • Computing - Spreadsheets, multimedia presentations
  • Educational visits - PGL residential

Curriculum Resources

Y5/6 Common exception word list

SPaG Glossary for parents
Adobe Acrobat Document 103.8 KB

Provision  Map

The Continuous Provision Map for Year 6 will be available shortly.

Meet the Teacher Evening


You can download the Powerpoint presentation from this September's Meet the Teacher sessions below:


Meet the Teacher presentation slides September 2018
Meet the Teacher presentation 2018.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 2.9 MB

Secondary School Applications

Key Dates for Parents

Results of the Kent Test will be emailed/ posted first class to parents on Thursday 11th October
The deadline for all secondary applications is Wednesday 31st October 2018.
National offer day will be on Friday 1st March 2019.  You will be sent an email from the LA after 4.00pm and letters will be sent on this day by first class post.
Offers should be accepted or declined by Friday 15th March 2019.  The school recommends that you accept the offer, even if you are appealing for an alternative school place.


The deadline for lodging parent appeals is Friday 29th March 2019.
Action to take now
Go online to the KCC information on secondary admissions www.kent.gov.uk/secondaryadmissions and the online admissions site www.kent.gov.uk/ola
Visit school open events
Find out more about your preferred schools
Talk to other parents
Talk to us
Ensure you complete your SCAF by the deadline of midnight 31st October!

Year 6 Residential to PGL June 2019

This year, our Y6 Residential visit will take place from Friday 7th June - Monday 10th June.  You can download the PGL information Powerpoint below or read it by clicking here

Parents PGL Information PowerPoint
PGL Parent Information Session 2019.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 4.5 MB

Microsoft Power Point Presentation 3.2 MB


Our new prefects for Terms 5 and 6 will be chosen in Week 2 of Term 5.


Well done to the following children for being fantastic prefects so far this year:


Galileo Class

Terms 3 and 4:

Joshua Stew

Michael Aguado-Navarro

Chanelle Shaw

Lyla Mitchell


Terms 1 and 2:

Hannah Sage

Scarlett Harding

Isabella Tester

Alex Wonnacott



Peake Class

Terms 3 and 4:

Henry Roberts (Head Boy)

Jessie-Lee Green

Anna Scott

Mia Bolton


Terms 1 and 2:

Stuart Kennedy

Areej Malik

Agni Haralampous

Emily Hodgson


Winston Class

Terms 3 and 4:

Jasmine Safa (Head Girl)

Catherine Radford

Ruben Mohns

Alex D'Cruz


Terms 1 and 2:

Reggie Sturge (Head Boy)

Isabel Perry (Head Girl)

Harrison King

Maeve Fleming





The prefects' duties will include:

  • Welcoming children and parents into school.
  • Demonstrating how children should behave in and around the school.
  • Helping to organise assemblies and lead the school prayer.
  • Being ambassadors of the school at fairs and events.
  • Talking to parents and visitors at information events.