Welcome to the Dazzling Dyson Class

Like all classes in The Discovery School, our class was named after a famous scientist or inventor. In our case, the inventor was James Dyson. Click on his picture below to find out what he invented.

Helpful Information for Parents

Dyson's class timetable can be found on the Year 5 page in the 'meet the teacher' power point.


For all homework, please see the Year 5 page.

Our Stone Age Experience

We had a fabulous day in the woods this week! We made Stone Age villages, painted ourselves in chalk tribal paint, learnt about Stone Age artefacts, learnt how to light our own fires, learnt how to shoot a bow and arrow and even came home with our very own flint arrow head necklace!

The whole day really brought our book we are reading, The Boy with the Bronze Axe, to life and has allowed us to understand what Stone Age life was really like. Take a look at the photographs below to see some of the things we got up to!

Zoo Lab

Today we were visited by Zoo Lab for our Rainforest Experience!  We had the opportunity to find out about various creatures and get to hold them as well!  We were really brave!