Welcome to Armstrong Class

Armstrong's Class Teacher is Miss Miller and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Reed. Our class is named after Neil Armstrong who was the first man on the moon.  For more information about Neil Armstrong click on the picture below.

You can download Armstrong's class timetable below

Armstrong's Timetable
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Stone Age to Iron Age

Our topic for Terms 1 and 2 was Stone Age to Iron Age.


Armstrong class went on a wonderful trip to the Forest, where they learnt all about Stone Age life. This trip has brought out book 'The Boy with the Bronze Axe' to life as we can now understand how the characters in the book felt when undertaking different Stone Age tasks.


Take a look at the different activities we took part in:



We made Stone Age villages out of what we could find in the forest:

We had the opportunity to shoot bows and arrows:

We learnt how to make a fire:

We had a talk about Flint Knapping and different Stone Age artefacts:

We also made chalk tattoos, chalk carvings and stone paintings:

Black History Day

Armstrong class learnt about Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali and how they helped during the civil rights movement.



We also looked at African Silhouette art, and created our own artwork inspired by what we saw. Below are a few examples of the art we created:

Egyptian Day

Our Term 4 topic has been Ancient Egyptians. Therefore, recently we had an Egyptian day where the children were able to come to school dressed as characters from the book 'Antony and Cleopatra.' We had some amazing costumes:

Also during Egyptian day, Armstrong class tried food which may have been eaten by the Ancient Egyptians.



We also studied the River Nile and how important it was to the Ancient Egyptians. We wrote monologues and draw pictures to show the uses of the River Nile.

Zoo Lab

In Terms 5 and 6 we have been studying the rainforest.


Armstrong class were visited by a number of different animals, some of which could be found in the rainforest, and we were told a number of facts about each of the creatures.