Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at The Discovery School!

Year 4 is made up of 3 classes and we are located in the Cathedral End of the school.



Mr Razaq

Mrs Healy (TA -Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

Mrs Lake (TA - Thursday & Friday)

Mrs Alcala (Key Worker - All Week)



Mrs Ingles (LKS2 Leader)

Mrs Lawson (TA - Monday &  Tuesday)

Mrs Lake (TA - Wednesday)



Miss Meiners

Mrs Smith (TA)


Our Topic in terms 5 and 6 is 'Groovy Greeks'. This topic will be a cross-curricular topic focussing on the Ancient Greeks and their legacy. Some of the activities will include debating, making Greek busts, Olympic games etc. 

Events this term

  • KS2 to watch 'The Hobbit' in school - 27th April
  • Year 4 Sleepover
Sleepover Kit List
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  • Reading Challenge Film
Current Challenge Sheet
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A list of the spellings we will be covering this term can be found by clicking here (To be updated). Each week your child will be expected to learn their spellings for a test. Archimedes and Berners-Lee will be tested on a Friday and Hubble will be tested on a Monday due to timetabling. All children will have a week to learn their spellings. You can also find a copy of the spelling for the term in your child's reading record.

Some activities you may wish to use with child to help them learn their spellings are:

  • Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
  • Rainbow Write
  • Playdoh modelling
  • Writing in chalk
  • Make flashcards
  • Create own crosswords
  • Look up definitions
  • Find examples in their reading book

Times Tables

Each week your child should be practising their times tables. They will be completing a speed grid in school each week, where they have 6 minutes to answer as many times table questions as they can. This will then be marked and the class teacher will identify a times table for your child to learn each week.


Activities to help you and your child:

  • Times tables games on the games section of the website
  • Use the help sheets below that your child will be familiar with from Year 3
  • Make flashcards
  • Create times table songs or poems

Use the times table grid below to practice at home. Remember you have 6 minutes in which to complete the grid.


A 'Hot' speed grid can also be found below.


After completing the speed grid, your child will move onto a differentiated Mental Maths paper each week .

Help Sheets:

Multiplying by 2
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Multiplying by 3
Adobe Acrobat Document 156.7 KB
Multiplying by 4
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.3 KB
Multiplying by 5
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.5 KB
Multiplying by 6
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.8 KB
Multiplying by 7
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.3 KB
Multiplying by 8
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.4 KB
Multiplying by 9
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.5 KB
Multiplying by 10
Adobe Acrobat Document 156.7 KB
Multiplying by 11
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.9 KB
Multiplying by 12
Adobe Acrobat Document 157.9 KB
Times Table Grid
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Hot Speed Grid
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  • Reading every night – to be recorded in the reading record (if a child records this, please can an adult sign it off at the end of each week). Children are expected to read every night and will be rewarded for this on a weekly basis. 
  • Reading Challenge - A copy of this term's reading challenge can be found here. The expectation is that children will complete one activity from each column between now and the end of term. As with Term 3, all children who complete the reading challenge will be rewarded with a film afternoon with treats provided.
  • Times table practice – must complete a Speed Grid at home each week.
  • Weekly spellings to learn - using a variety of methods. The children will be tested on these weekly. A copy      of the spellings for the term can be found here.

Open Door

We have an open door policy and are always happy to meet with you. A face to face discussion is usually preferable after school - except on a Wednesday when we have a staff meeting. However, we appreciate this may not be convenient for everyone, so feel free to contact us using the following options, should the need arise:

  • Telephone 01732 847 000 – ask for a call back and the class teacher will aim to return your call the same day.
  • Email the office if there is a change with pick up arrangements, appointments, absences etc -

Since we have a 48 hour email response time, this is not always the most efficient means of communication. However, if necessary our email addresses are as follows:


Mrs Ingles, Berners-Lee -

Mr Razaq, Archimedes -

Miss Meiners, Hubble -


Please bear in mind that Year 4 pupils are not usually allowed to walk home unattended without an older sibling or adult. If this is completely necessary please give written permission to the class teacher.

Provision Map for Year 4

Year 4 Provision Plan
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This illustrates the Quality First Teaching strategies that all children access on a daily basis, plus any extra interventions for Reading, Writing and Maths that the children are provided with if necessary.