Welcome to Amazing Attenborough class!

Attenborough class is a Year Two class located just left of the main school entrance. Miss Murphy and Mrs Palmer teach the class.


Being in Year Two comes with a lot of responsibility as the children are expected to set a high standard for Key Stage One. The children of Attenborough class take this responsibility seriously and demonstrate excellence on a daily basis. They are hardworking and follow our important school values. Attenborough class is a wonderful place to be with lots of exciting and engaging learning! It is full of happy children who enjoy being a part of such an inspiring and positive school.


All of our learning in Attenborough class is based around an exciting topic. Throughout the year we will be learning about "Sea and Sky", "Old and New" and "Night and Day".



Attenborough class is named after the very famous Sir David Attenborough. Click on the image below to see some of his nature video collections.

Term Five and Six

Our theme for the next two terms is Night and Day we will be focusing our learning around Nocturnal Animals and Mini-beasts. In English we will be looking at  a wide selection of texts and we will be writing in many different genres.


We have a busy week in school and our timetable is really quite full, but we do try to have some fun with our learning.



Already this year we have had a visit from Science Dome. We found out about life under the sea and how sailors navigate using the stars. We also found out about how pirates got their ships and what life was like for a pirate. In the afternoon we also found out more about space and what it is like on the surface of the moon.

We have also had visits telling us information about the Great Fire of London and Florence Nightingale. We took part in Drama workshops and found out more information about the events and peoples lives.

We are looking forward to our visit in July to Horton Kirby. Please lookout for more information about this visit soon.


Multicultural Week

During Multicultural Week Year 2 discovered information about China. We found out about where China was and what life is like for people in China. We had a big focus on the Zodiac Story and discovered how the years were named. We also developed our cutting, chopping and grating techniques by making Stir Fry which we took home to share with our families.

We had a lovely week finding out about China. 

Important Reminders

  • PE is currently on a Monday (outdoor) and Tuesday (indoor)
  • Show and tell is on a Wednesday and children will be given a date
  • Children are still allowed to have slippers in school and please remember wellies too
  • Children are expected to be coming into school in the mornings independently

Images throughout the year

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If you have any questions feel free to pop in to class after school or email kmurphy@discovery.kent.sch.uk