Welcome to the page of the glorious Goodall Class!

Goodall Class is a Year 1 class taught by Mrs Latter (Monday - Wednesday), Mrs Chapman (Wednesday - Friday) and Mrs Scott. We are located in the KS1 end of the school opposite Darwin Class and the children come into the classroom via the EYFS gate.


Being in Year One provides the children with the opportunity to build independence and develop confidence. The children find having their own desk with tray the most exciting part of being in Year One!

If you have any messages at the start of the school day, please contact the school office who will pass the message to class teachers or email Mrs Latter or Mrs Chapman.  Class teachers will also be available at the end of the school day to speak to.


Emails -

Mrs Latter - clatter@discovery.kent.sch.uk

Mrs Chapman - kchapman@discovery.kent.sch.uk

At the start of the school year the children will begin their journey on the National Curriculum. We do Mathematics, English, Phonics and Handwriting every day and other 'topic' related subjects throughout the rest of the week.


Throughout the year, the children in Year One are provided with many different exciting opportunities to further develop their learning. We go on trips throughout the year too!

Like all classes in The Discovery School, our class was named after a famous scientist or inventor. In our case, this scientist was the world renowned Jane Goodall. Click on the image below to learn more about the namesake of our class and what she is famous for.

Messages for Term 5/6 -


PHONICS SCREEN - The children will be taking the statutory Phonics Screening Test the week beginning 12th June.  Please endeavour to have children in school on time during this week. 


UNIFORM - Please could we ask that uniform (especially) jumpers are named clearly.   Last term we had lots of cases of jumpers that have been lost or taken home by mistake because they were unnamed. 


'WHAT WE HAVE DONE' BOARD - We will endeavour to keep parents updated about what we have done in class each day via our message board displayed in the class window.


CLASS READERS - Our topic this term is 'creatures'.  If there are any books or stories that the children enjoy at home then please send these in and we can share these during class story time.  Please name any books that are sent in.


PE - Children will need both an indoor and outdoor kit this term.


DT - Our focus in DT this term is around food and nutrition.  Please let us now if your child's dietary requirements have changed.



PDR - As we are in the Summer terms, the amount of plan, do and review is reduced in preparation for Year 2. We understand that some children may find this difficult initially.


Download our class timetable below

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