Welcome to the page of the glorious Goodall Class!

Goodall Class is a Year 1 class taught by Mrs Latter (Monday - Wednesday), Mrs Chapman (Wednesday - Friday) and Mrs Scott. We are located in the KS1 end of the school opposite Darwin Class and the children come into the classroom via the EYFS gate.


Being in Year One provides the children with the opportunity to build independence and develop confidence. The children find having their own desk with tray the most exciting part of being in Year One!



If you have any messages at the start of the school day, please contact the school office who will pass the message to the class teacher, or email Mrs Latter and Mrs Chapman.  Please copy both class teachers into any emails so that they are both aware of any messages.  Thank you.


Email addresses:


Mrs Latter – clatter@discovery.kent.sch.uk


Mrs Chapman – kchapman@discovery.kent.sch.uk

Goodall Class teachers will also be available for a chat after school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, Wednesday afternoon is more difficult as there is a staff meeting. However, Mrs Scott is more than happy to pass on any messages on a Wednesday.


At the start of the school year the children will begin their journey on the National Curriculum. We do Mathematics, English, Phonics and Handwriting every day and other 'topic' related subjects throughout the rest of the week.


Throughout the year, the children in Year One are provided with many different exciting opportunities to further develop their learning. We go on trips throughout the year too!

Like all classes in The Discovery School, our class was named after a famous scientist or inventor. In our case, this scientist was the world renowned Jane Goodall. Click on the image below to learn more about the namesake of our class and what she is famous for.

Daily Morning Routine


On a Monday, Wednesday and Friday          Put reading books and yellow book in box (on carpet)


Every day                                                 Give any letters etc to teacher


                                                               Put bookbag into table group box (in cloakroom)


                                                               Place water bottle into table group basket (by sink)


                                                               Hang coat on peg


                                                               Sit at table and complete morning work


Messages for Term 1 -


TOPIC - Please bring in a photo of your child at a significant event by Friday 8th September. This will be used the following week for our Topic work.  Ideas for the photo include; a family trip out, a group family photo, a wedding or another significant event.



UNIFORM - Please could we ask that uniform (especially) jumpers are named clearly.   Last year we had lots of cases of jumpers that have been lost or taken home by mistake because they were unnamed. 


'WHAT WE HAVE DONE' BOARD - We will endeavour to keep parents updated about what we have done in class each day via our message board displayed by the classroom door.


CLASS READERS - Our topic this term is 'Then and Now'.  If there are any books or stories that the children enjoy at home then please send these in and we can share these during class story time.  Please name any books that are sent in.



PE - At the beginning of Year 1 P.E. will be on a fluid timetable as the children acclimatise to Year 1, so it could be on any day and either indoors or outdoors.  With this in mind, please ensure that the children have their P.E. kits in school for every day and that it consists of the following: a red t-shirt, blue shorts, white socks, plimsolls, navy jogging bottoms, navy jumper and trainers.  Please make sure all of these items of clothing are clearly named.





GOODALL GORILLA - Our class mascot is Goodall Gorilla in honour of Jane Goodall.  Goodall Gorilla loves adventures and each week he gets to go home with the Star of the Week to spend the weekend with them.  There is a story which he enjoys sharing as well as a journal for the Star of the Week to record their adventures with drawings, photos and writing.  The class then listen to Goodall’s adventure upon his return to class on Tuesday.



REWARD CHART - There are three different reward systems in Goodall Class.

  1. The space rocket encourages positive behaviour and good listening as a class. The children can earn extra choosing time for the end of the day. 

  2. Table points encourage collaboration as table groups and can be earned by keeping their table tidy, being the first as a group to be waiting quietly for instruction etc.  The table with the most points at the end of the week get a special treat.

  3. The Cupcake and Football are for individual achievements and if you are on the cherry or goal at the end of the day you get to choose a special prize.




The amount of choosing time can decrease if the class are too noisy, don’t listen etc.  Also, individual sanctions are a yellow card which means some lost playtime. And a red card can mean a phone call to parents as well as lost playtime.



READING BOOKS - Please encourage reading every night.  The books are scheduled to be changed on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Please address any enquiries to Mrs Scott.


SHOW AND TELL - Goodall’s Show and Tell day is on a Tuesday.  Each term the children will have an opportunity to bring in something they are happy to talk about.  It can either be topic related, or an item that means something to them.  The timetable is displayed in the classroom window.



Download our class timetable below

Year 1 Timetable_Goodall Sept 2017.pdf
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