Welcome to Year 1

Class Messages

End of term message to Darwin Class
Darwin class May half term.pptx
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End of term message for Faraday Class
End of term message for Faraday.pptx
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An End of Term message for Goodall Class
Goodall End of Term message.pptx
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Year 1 Home Learning Activities.

Week commencing 18th May 2020

YEAR 1 Home Learning Grid wc 18th May
YEAR 1 Home Learning Grid wc 18th May F.
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Year 1 Screen Free Home Learning Grid wc 18 May
Year 1 Screen Free Home Learning Grid wc
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Monday English
English Mon 18 May.pub
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Monday Maths
Maths Mon 18th May.pptx
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Tuesday English
English Tues 19 May.pub
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Tuesday Maths
Maths Tues.pdf
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Wednesday English
English Weds 20 May.pub
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Wednesday Maths
Math Weds.pdf
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Thursday English
English Thurs 21 May.pub
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Thursday Maths
Maths Thurs.pdf
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Friday English
English Fri 21st May.docx
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Friday Maths
Maths Fri.pdf
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WB mindfulness colouring
WB mindfulness colouring.pdf
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GR Phase-5 learning challenge
GR Phase-5 learning challenge.pdf
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GR Reading comprehension
GR Reading comprehension.pub
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Animal signs poster
animal signs poster.docx
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CC Float or Sink
CC Float or Sink.pdf
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Draw an animal
Draw an animal.pub
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Week commencing 11th May 2020

Year 1 Home Learning Grid wc 11th May
Year 1 Home Learning Grid wc 11th May.do
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Year 1 Screen Free Home Learning Grid wc 11 May
Year 1 Screen Free Home Learning Grid wc
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Monday 11th May Maths
Maths Mon 11th May.docx
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Tuesday 12th May Maths
Maths Tues 12th May.docx
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Wednesdays 13th May Maths
Maths Weds 13th May.docx
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Thursday 14th May Maths
Maths Thurs 14th May.docx
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Friday 15th May Maths
Maths Friday 15th May.docx
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Guided Reading - missing words
Guided Reading - missing words.docx
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Microsoft Power Point Presentation 5.3 MB
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Adjectives powerpoint
adjectives powerpoint.ppt
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English Tuesday and Wednesday 12th 13th May
English Tuesday and Wednesday 12th 13th
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English Thursday 14th May
English Thursday 14th May.docx
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English Friday 15th May
English Friday 15th May.docx
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Pinwheel for wellbeing
pinwheel for wellbeing.pdf
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Rainbow experiment
rainbow experiment.pdf
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Week commencing 4th May 2020

Year 1 Home Learning Grid wc 4th May
Year 1 Home Learning Grid wc 4th May (2)
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Year 1 Screen Free Home Learning Grid wc 4 May
Year 1 Screen Free Home Learning Grid wc
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Monday English
Monday English.pdf
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Monday Maths
Maths Mon 4 May.pdf
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Tuesday imperative verbs
Tuesday imperative verbs.pdf
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Tuesday Maths
Maths Tues 5 May.pdf
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Wednesday Maths
Maths Weds 6 May.pdf
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Instruction Templates
instruction templates.pdf
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Instruction Writing
instruction writing.pdf
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Thursday English
Thursday English.pdf
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Thursday Maths
Maths Thurs 7th May (3).pdf
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Numbers in Words - Word Mat
Numbers in words - word mat.pdf
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Home Learning Galleries!

Here are a collection of pictures sent in from the children in Faraday, Darwin and Goodall.  It's lovely to see your amazing learning and how creative you're all being. 

Keep up the awesome work!

Week commencing 27th April 2020

Year 1 Monday Eng Phase-4-Tricky-Words-O
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Monday English
Monday English.docx.pdf
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Tuesday English
Tuesday English.pdf
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Thursday Maths
Thursday Maths.pdf
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Friday Maths
Friday Maths.pdf
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Year 1 Friday space-themed-alphabet-capi
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All about postcards

As well as the home learning activities suggested below, we have also put together an alternative 'non-screen' based home learning grid of activities.  Please see the download below.

Y1 Week 2 non screen based activities.pu
pub File 94.0 KB

Recommended tasks to support learning in Year 1.


To access all free Twinkl material, use the code: UKTWINKLHELPS


Twinkl have created lots of home learning resources for children of all ages. The Year 1 booklet can be accessed here:




Please find below Home Learning plans for weeks 1 and 2 of school closure. 


The plans outline learning activities for  reading, writing, maths, PE/ well-being, topic and science. Please try to complete the activities in red over the course of the week. The activities in blue are optional extras to support your child's home learning. Additional resources will be emailed along with a copy of both plans. All home learning can be recorded in the exercise book sent home with your child last week. It is important for children to continue with their learning but make sure you use this time to spend with your family and enjoy each other's company :) We hope to see you all again soon!



Please remember to read with your child for ten minutes each day. Asking your child questions about what they have read is a great way to check their understanding and encourage them to think in a different way. You can find questioning ideas for reading comprehension using the link below: 



Please bear in mind that you might need to simplify these questions slightly depending on your child's reading ability. 



Phonics is a focus for year 1 and supports children in other key areas of their learning. Phonics Play is a great online resource for children to continue to practice their phonics at home, in addition to the activities outlined in the weekly plan. At this point in the year we would be working on Phase 5 but revisiting all sounds will be beneficial.  




Username: march20

Password: home



In addition to the tasks set on the weekly plans, logins for TT Rockstars were also sent home for each child. These can be found in reading records and their Home Learning Books. Some parents have had trouble finding The Discovery School on the 'school list'. If this is the case, type the first part of the school's postcode (ME19) and scroll down the list until you find The Discovery School. Then type in your child's login details. Times tables are set to the Year 1 curriculum of 2s, 5s and 10s. 



Please don't put pressure on yourself or your child to complete all of the learning mentioned. We do not want this already difficult time to become even more stressful. Do what you can, take each day as it comes and breathe. Adapt the learning activities to suit you and your child and most importantly enjoy it! In addition, please see suggested mindfulness ideas sent out to all parents on Tuesday 17th March 2020. 






Y1 Week 1 PDF.pdf
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Y1 Week 2 PDF.pdf
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Welcome to the fun and exciting world of Year 1, where we take all the wonderful skills that the children have learnt in Early Years Foundation Stage and develop them as they start to experience the National Curriculum. We make learning as fun as possible, using a range of different teaching styles to make sure that all children are able to access new concepts and succeed in their learning. Year 1 promotes independence, responsibility and hard work - as well as lots of fun!!! Our aim is for the children to deepen their knowledge and understanding in a relaxed, exciting and engaging environment where we set them up to become enthusiastic, lifelong learners.


Year 1 is made up of three classes - Darwin, Faraday and Goodall.  Like all classes in The Discovery School, the classes were named after a famous scientist or inventor. Darwin Class is named after the infamous naturalist Charles Darwin who discovered the theory of evolution, Faraday Class is named after Michael Faraday, an inspirational scientist who studied electromagnetism, and Goodall Class is named after the world renowned scientist and conservationist Jane Goodall. Click on the images below to learn more about the namesake of our classes and what they are famous for.


Darwin Class

Darwin Class is taught by Mrs Lawson (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Ismail (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and our teaching assistant is Mrs Braund.


We are situated in the KS1 end of the school next to Goodall Class. The children access the classroom in the morning via the EYFS and KS1 gate, through the playground and in through the outside door.

Faraday Class

Faraday Class is taught by Mrs Hook and supported by Mrs Scott.


We are located at the end of the KS1 area between Darwin and Newton class. The children access the classroom in the morning via the EYFS and KS1 gate, through the EYFS area, then in through the outside door.

Goodall Class

Goodall Class is taught by Mrs Chapman and supported by Miss Campbell.



We are located at the start of the KS1 area as the first classroom after the small hall. The children access the classroom in the morning via the KS2 gate, across the KS2 playground, into the KS1 playground, and in through the outside door.


The communication between yourselves as parents and ourselves as teachers is paramount, so we thought it would be helpful if you knew when and how to liaise with us.  We have an open-door policy and will always find time to speak to you either after school or by appointment.  In the morning the children are encouraged to walk round to their classroom independently, therefore any messages can be left at the school office where it will then be passed onto the relevant teacher.  Messages can also be emailed, or non-urgent messages can be written in the yellow reading record book which is usually checked on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Our email addresses are:

Darwin - Mrs Lawson - llawson@discovery.kent.sch.uk

             Mrs Ismail - zismail@discovery.kent.sch.uk (Please copy both Darwin class teachers into your emails)

Faraday - Mrs Hook - bhook@discovery.kent.sch.uk

Goodall - Mrs Latter - clatter@discovery.kent.sch.uk 

              Mrs Chapman - kchapman@discovery.kent.sch.uk   (Please copy both Goodall class teachers into your                  emails)         

Please note that class teachers will be unavailable after school on a Wednesday due to staff meetings, however, the teaching assistants will be more than happy to help you.

Mrs Boulton, as EYFS and Year 1 phase leader, is also available should you wish to speak to her. She can be found in Jenner Class or email; sboulton@discovery.kent.sch.uk

Dates For Your Diary

Thursday 12th September - 'Digging for Dinos' workshop

Tuesday 19th November - Darwin Class assembly

Wednesday 20th November - Parent consultations

Thursday 21st November - Parent consultations

Monday 2nd December - Mrs Latter (Goodall class) returns from maternity leave

Tuesday 3rd December - Faraday Class assembly

Tuesday 24th March - Goodall Class assembly

Monday 30th March - Parent consultations

Tuesday 31st March - Parent consultations

Week beginning 8th June - Phonics Screening


UNIFORM - Please could we ask that uniform (especially) jumpers are named clearly.   In the past we've had lots of incidents of jumpers that have been lost or taken home by mistake because they were unnamed. 


CLASS READERS - Our topic for term 1 is 'Digging for Dinosaurs'.  If there are any books or stories that the children enjoy at home then please send these in and we can share these during class story time.  Please name any books that are sent in.


PARENT HELPERS - If you have a spare hour or two and would like to help listen to children read or prepare resources, then please let your teacher know.  We ask that you have a current CRB certificate which the lovely ladies in the office will assist you with.


We discovered dinosaur foot prints in Discovery Walk and hiding behind a bush was...a T Rex!

The following day, Dino Girl came to our visit us with lots of different dinosaurs to see and learn about as well as a selection of activities.  It was great fun!

General information

Reading books are changed on a Tuesday and Friday, therefore it is essential that your child’s yellow reading record book AND reading books are in school on these days. Please record in your child's yellow book that they have read even if it is just with a smiley face or a tick besides the date as we will be celebrating the children who have read every day on a Friday and will display their photos on the classroom door.  Please use these books to communicate with us at any point and do let us know if you feel your child is finding the books too easy/difficult so we can make any necessary changes.


Big Maths will take place every Friday so please continue encouraging this at home.


Spellings will be sent out termly.  The children will undertake a pre and post spelling test and the results will be sent home.  They will also undertake a weekly spelling test where they will be encouraged to beat their previous score.  This will be celebrated in class.


We believe that learning to read and establishing a love of books is an essential part of being a literacy learner. Therefore we value the importance phonics has in the development of early reading and early writing.  In year 1 we deliver high quality daily phonics lessons using DfES 'Letters and Sounds' publication.  In phonics we want the children:

  • To develop a good knowledge of phonemes and graphemes.
  • To be able to blend phonemes to decode (read) a word.
  • To be able to segment and blend to be able to spell a word.
  • To be able to transfer the skills from phonics into everyday learning.
  • To be confident with segmenting and blending pseudo (alien/made up) words in preparation for the statutory Year One phonics screen, which is during the week beginning 8th June 2020.

For more information please visit our phonics page.


The Reading Books in KS1 are an amalgamation of different reading schemes, for example; Oxford Reading Tree, Treetops, Rigby Stars and Floppy's Phonics.  These Reading Books are scheduled to be changed on a Tuesday and Friday and generally three books will be sent home each time.  This will enable you to share a book from home on a Sunday.  However, there may be the occasional time when books don’t get changed due to unexpected circumstances and we ask that you take this opportunity to share alternative texts.  Reading in Year 1 can take the form of anything and doesn’t always have to be a school book.  


You can read:

  • Menus

  • Road signs

  • Maps

  • Labels

  • Cards

  • Non-fiction books…to name but a few


It is important that children understand that reading words is everywhere…not just in their school books and should be enjoyable.  We ask that you write in your child’s book every night to record that they have read, even if just with a smiley face or tick beside the date.  We will be celebrating the children who read every night in school on a Wednesday.


Please feel free to use the yellow reading book as a point of contact and do let us know if the books are too easy/hard and we will listen to your child read in school and move them on if necessary.  Remember, if you are writing messages in here that the books are only changes three times a week and will not be checked on a Tuesday or Friday so it is especially vital that messages are sent to the office on these days.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell in year 1 happens once a week on a Tuesday during class assembly. Each child will get one opportunity each term to bring something in which they are happy to talk about.  This could be a toy, picture or photo, however it is always nice to have topic related items bought in.


A letter will be sent home at the beginning of each term highlighting when it is your child's turn.  If however you need a reminder, please feel free to ask your class teacher.


This is an example timetable for Year 1.  Please note that lesson times are subject to change depending on what we are learning.

Year 1 Timetable.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 49.6 KB

Provision Map

Please click here to access the whole school provision map outlining all the interventions taking place in the school.  If you have questions about any of the provision that is taking place for your child, please ask your child's class teacher.


Term 1 - Digging for Dinosaurs

Year 1 will start with a 'Digging for Dinosaurs' topic. We will be introducing the children to all things dinosaur with a special event on Wednesday 11th September.


English - riddles and information text

Maths - place value, addition and subtraction and shape

Art - colour mixing

RE - Christianity

PSHE - relationships, living the wider world, mental health and well-being

History - chronological understanding, knowledge and understanding and enquiry

Science – seasonal change and animals including humans

PE - one indoor and one outdoor activity from the following: infant agility, football, gymnastics, kwik cricket, tag rugby, tri-golf, tennis, rounders, athletics and dance



Term 2 - Amazing Africa

In the lead up to Christmas preparations, our Topic will be 'Amazing Africa'. We will be looking at celebrations, dance, climate and animals.


English - narrative story and recount

Maths - place value, addition and subtraction

Art - colour and printing techniques including repeat patterns and symmetry

Computing - modelling and simulations, communicating and collaborating on-line

RE - Christianity

PSHE - living the wider world, mental health and well-being

Geography -  location knowledge within the UK, human and physical geography (e.g. weather patterns)

History - chronological understanding, knowledge and understanding and enquiry

Science – properties of material and animals including humans

PE - one indoor and one outdoor activity from the following: infant agility, football, gymnastics, kwik cricket, tag rugby, tri-golf, tennis, rounders, athletics and dance


Term 3 and 4 - Stories and Animation

Our Topic for terms 3 and 4 is ‘Stories and Animation’. This will run throughout our English lessons as well with a focus on traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


English - traditional tales, innovated stories

Maths - time, place value, addition and subtraction, length and height, multiplication and division, fractions

Art - texture including exploring and weaving materials, form including using tools and manipulating materials

Design and Technology - researching, designing, making, then evaluating a pop-up book and a get away car

Computing - filming an animation using an APP on the iPads

RE - Hinduism and Christianity

PSHE - emotions, well-being

Geography - research skills to develop location knowledge as well as human and physical geography

Science - plants and seasonal change

PE - one indoor and one outdoor activity from the following: infant agility, football, gymnastics, kwik cricket, tag rugby, tri-golf, tennis, rounders, athletics and dance


Term 5 -Memory Box

Our Topic this term is ‘Then and Now’ with a focus on toys form the past and heroes, for example; Police, Firefighters, Doctors, Lifeguards, Vets, Soldiers etc. The children will be reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts as well as developing their research skills to learn about different heroes now and in the past.  If you have any items, photos or books that could be brought in and shared, or you are a ‘real life hero’ and would like to share your role with the children, please contact your class teacher to arrange a convenient time to come and talk to the children.


English - information text, recount

Maths - place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Design and Technology - making puppets including exploring materials, cutting and sticking skills

Computing - filming puppet show

RE - Christianity

PSHE - friendship, rules and routines

History - toys and jobs from the past  

Science – seasonal change

PE - one indoor and one outdoor activity from the following: infant agility, football, gymnastics, kwik cricket, tag rugby, tri-golf, tennis, rounders, athletics and dance



Term 6 - Our Local Area

The final Topic of the year is 'Our Local Area'.  We shall be focusing on the historical and geographical features of Kings Hill and the surrounding area.


English - narrative story and innovation, recount

Maths - money, weight and volume

History - chronological understanding, knowledge and understanding of the past, interpretation including the recount of details from the past and investigate a local area

Geography - geographical skills and fieldwork, human and physical geography, place knowledge

Computing - programming and controlling, using technology

RE - Hinduism

PSHE - safety, relationships and mental health

Science - plants and seasonal change

PE - one indoor and one outdoor activity from the following: infant agility, football, gymnastics, kwik cricket, tag rugby, tri-golf, tennis, rounders, athletics and dance


Year 1 have PE twice a week. We have one session inside and one outside every week and PE days do often change around therefore it is essential that ALL children have the correct kit in school at all times.


Inside PE kit consists of a red t-shirt, blue shorts, socks and plimsolls.


Outside PE kit consists of a blue tracksuit (jogging bottoms and a jumper) socks and trainers. Earrings need to be removed or taped up for health and safety reasons. 


Please make sure all of these items of clothing are clearly named.


Without the correct PE kit, children will be unable to take part.


If you have any questions or queries please do come and see us.

Thank you for your continued support.


The Year 1 Team.