Jenner Class

Jenner Class is one of three Early Years Classes at The Discovery School.  The class teacher in Jenner Class is Mrs Smith and the teaching assistant is Mrs Flint.  Mrs Isitt is another teaching assistant who often supports the children in Jenner Class.  You can find Jenner class at the end of the Key Stage 1 corridor.

The Early Years Foundation Stage at The Discovery School is an exciting place to be.  We do lots of interesting things throughout the year including Stay and Play, dressing up days, Farm Visits, the (best ever!) Nativity performance and Forest Schools.  We also end the year with a celebration of the children's successes and a Graduation Ceremony!

We spend our time learning through play and having lots of fun!  This involves spending lots of time learning in our Outside Area during our lesson time and during our Plan, Do and Review (PDR) time.  PDR is the children's time to choose what they would like to do and then spend time reflecting on this afterwards.  Our early years classrooms are set up to encourage and promote children's learning throughout their PDR time.  They tend to extend their learning from previous lessons whilst playing alongside their friends from Jenner, Einstein and Newton Class.

As with all classes at The Discovery School, Jenner Class is named after a famous person who has made a 'discovery'.  Edward Jenner was an English doctor.  He was the pioneer of smallpox vaccination and the father of immunology.

Our Trip to Wingham Wildlife Park

Farm Visit March 2017

Today the farm came to visit.  We saw cows, goats, chickens, lambs, pigs and we even got to hold a baby chick!  We learnt all about the different animals and what we use them for (wool, meat, milk etc).  We had so much fun!

Important Reminders for Jenner Class


For information on our weekly routines, please see the Foundation Stage Page.

Chinese New Year Dance

Christmas Post Box Walk

We went on our walk to post our letters to Father Christmas today!  We have been busy writing Father Christmas a list of what we would like and we have assured Mrs Smith that we have all been very good this year!  We learnt about where a letter goes and we decided the reindeer must also be involved in delivering the letters to Father Christmas's a good thing we have been busy measuring our reindeer food this week!

Forest School

1st November 2016


Today at Forest School some of us had popcorn and some of us toasted marshmallows!  It was very yummy (and very messy!).  We also had lots of fun building dens and working together as a team.  Some of us enjoyed climbing up the trees.

October 2016


We have had lots of fun at Forest School so far, here are a few photos of us exploring in the woods.

P.E. in Jenner Class

This week in P.E. we explored how to travel using our body in a variety of different ways.  We used our feet, hands, knees, backs, tummies and even our bottoms!

Your Weekly Challenge

Your challenge will go home in your yellow Challenge Book every Friday from January.  Please return it by Wednesday.

Additional Information

Recent Letters

We will post any recent letters here for you to access.

Phonics presentation

Thank you to everybody that attended our Phonics Information Session.  If you would like the handout, please talk to your child's class teacher.