Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to EYFS

The EYFS at The Discovery School is made up of three classes:

  • Newton Class who are taught by Miss Aiston and Mrs Braund.
  • Jenner Class who are taught by Mrs Boulton and Mrs Martin and Mrs Baldwin, Key Worker.
  • Einstein Class who are taught by Miss Harris and Mrs Flint.

We are also lucky enough to share Mrs Perks and Ms Wilcox across all three classes.  They support all the children with their learning during Plan, Do and Review (PDR) and they support some children with interventions.  


The children are encouraged to be independent and have already established a good routine.  They are able to organise themselves without support both in the mornings and at the end of the day.  All of the children are now able to leave their parents at the school gate and are excited to meet their friends in the classroom.  In EYFS we always work exceptionally hard, but we have a lot of fun too.


In EYFS we learn through playing and exploring our environment, this is known as Plan, Do and Review (PDR).  The children plan what they would like to do, they do it and, at the end of the session, they review what they have learnt.  The children are encouraged to use both the inside and outside learning environments.  All of the children have the opportunity to play with their peers in any of the Foundation Classes.  We have lots of visitors, for example, Fire Safety and Railway Safety.  All of the children have the opportunity to attend our Forest School, which is an amazing chance to learn about our environment from a qualified Forest Ranger. The Foundation Stage also put on the best Nativity you will ever see! Then at the end of the year we celebrate our achievements and Graduate before moving into Year 1.


If you have any questions, concerns or queries that you would like to discuss with either your child's class teacher or the phase leader, please contact them using the email addresses below:

  • Mrs S Boulton (phase leader) - sboulton@discovery.kent.sch.uk
  • Miss G Harris - gharris@discovery.kent.sch.uk
  • Miss N Aiston - naiston@discovery.kent.sch.uk

PPA time and covered lessons

PPA time is time set aside for teachers, during their timetabled teaching day, to allow them to carry out planning, preparation and assessment activities. PPA time is covered each week by the EYFS Teaching Assistants.  The lessons are planned by the class teachers and delivered by a TA. 


Our Curriculum:

If you want to know a little bit more about what your child will be learning throughout the year at The Discovery School, please click on the link below:


Development Matters Guidance
This is the Development Matters Guidance that we follow to assist us with planning to ensure the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum.
Adobe Acrobat Document 84.6 KB

At the end of the year they will be assessed based on the Early Learning Goals which can be found below.

Early Learning Goals
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Topic Information:

Term 1 - Ourselves

Term 2 - People who help us and Special Occasions

Term 3 - Into the Woods

Term 4 - Diversity and Superheroes

Term 5 - Whatever Next

Term 6 - Growth and Change 

Year Group Timetable:

Our Timetable
Weekly Timetable.doc
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Our Weekly Routines:

Jenner, Newton and Einstein will be having PE on a Tuesday. This will be OUTDOOR PE (weather permitting) so please can you make sure that your child has suitable clothing for these sessions (ie. shorts, PE t-shirt and plimsoles). Can you also make sure that all earrings are removed on this day.


Please ensure you have your yellow reading record and your reading books in school every day so that we can read with your child at any point.  It is also important to read something every day at home and record it in the yellow reading record book.


Please bring a named water bottle into school every day so that your child can have a drink whenever they need one. This bottle should contain water only.


Please name all of your children's clothes and their belongings.


Can you also please make sure that you have told your class teacher of any clubs your child will be attending and alternative arrangements for collection at the end of the day.

Term 6

Our topic for Term 6 is 'Growth and Change'. During this topic, the children will be learning about how we as humans change as we get older, as well as looking at the life cycles of other animals. We will be looking at the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk', and planting our own beans and observing how they grow. We will also be doing lots of work with the children to prepare them for their next journey through Year 1, and making this transition as easy for them as possible. Additionally, we will be going on our school trip to Godstone Farm!



'Early Reading' Parents information session

Provision Map:

Click below to read our Provision Map for the current term in Foundation Stage.  We have discussed this with you at Parents Evening.


EYFS Provision Map 18-19 Website.doc
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