Support Staff

Office Staff

Miss N Gill


Mrs G Priddis


Miss C Gobbett

Mrs S Wilkins


Mrs P Miller

Bursar and Office Manager

Admissions Officer and Clerical Assistant

(Monday am, Tuesday, Wednesday am, Thursday and Friday)

P.A. to Head teacher and Clerical Assistant

Receptionist and Clerical Assistant

(Monday, Tuesday)

Receptionist and Clerical Assistant

(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs J Firminger

(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Business Manager

Mrs A Alexander

(Wednesday pm, Thursday and Friday)

Site Manager

Miss R Hammond

(Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday morning)

ICT Technician

Mrs K Rutland

(Monday to Thursday)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Donna Baldwin

Courtney Berry

Celina Carney (Lead)

Lauren Chilton

Mandy Cook-Allen

Andrea Duske

Angela Fearne

Pauline Hall

Zineb Hlal

Penny Lawrence 

Helen Lunn (First Aid)

Sarah Mason (Lead)

Kate Perks (First Aid)

Natalie Pickover

Sonia Rose

Susan Street

Jane Terry

Simone Tonocchi

Sarah Wilson



Mrs M Butler

Mrs T Davies

Mrs P Spree