Start of Term! Yrs 3 & 4

The start of term has been really exciting for all the children in Year 3 and 4.  The children have loved meeting their new teachers and have settled quickly back into life at school.  The teachers have all been focusing on the children’s well-being during interesting lessons and the children have been engaged with topics based on high quality texts. 

Year 3 have been exploring ‘The Tin Forest’ as well as ‘Voices in the Park’, whereas Year 4 have been exploring ‘Leon and the Place Between’.  In maths, both year groups have been exploring place value.  The children in Year 3 have particularly enjoyed playing place value games on the playground and using 10 sided dice to create and explore the values of each digit in a number.  The children are about to embark on an exciting art project based on ‘The Tin Forest’ and we will post some updates on this project in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, Year 4 have been exploring forces and managed to make helium balloons balance in mid-air by using what they had learnt!  They are about to make imaginary worlds so expect an update on that soon too!