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  • Discovery News October 2022

    Discovery School News Broadcast October 2022 EditionThe first edition of Discovery School News for this year is brought to you by The Diversity Council.  Each term, the children create a news broadcast using green screen technology focussing on whole school events and celebrations.  This term's episode includes: an 'on location' report from the School Council's Food Bank collection project; an interview with members of our local Hindu community who came in to school on our Diwali Day and interviews with members of our winning school football team.

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  • The Discovery School Wins The World Cup!

    On Wednesday 12th October The Discovery School attended a Mini World Cup football tournament at The Gallagher Stadium. There were 36 schools taking part in this event, and each school was representing a country which will be taking part in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Discovery School were representing Morocco. Our team was comprised of 10 children from Year 5 and 6 and they worked extremely hard during the group stages of the competition playing five matches: TDS vs Oaks (2-0), Bredhurst vs TDS (1-0), More Park vs TDS (0-0), Kingswood & Platts Heath vs TDS (0-1), TDS vs East Farleigh (0-0).
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  • British Science Week 2022

    Last term, we joined thousands of schools across the country to celebrate British Science Week! The children explored topics such as space, forces, life cycles and bacteria. Over two weeks we carried out investigations, set up experiments, put our observation skills to the test and recorded fascinating results. In Year 2, the children sent mice into space by creating bottle rockets, they experimented with the use of force on the trajectory of their mice.
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  • SEND Coffee Mornings

    If you are a parent/carer of a child with Special Needs and Disabilities this is for you. We would like to offer you a time when you can dicuss your concerns about SEND with other parents/carers and professionals while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea and some biscuits. In these sessions, you will be able to find more about what The Discovery School offers for our children with SEND as well as the different SEND processes in Kent e.g Education and Healthcare Plans. The SEND coffee morning sessions will take place once monthly at our school and they will be lead by Mrs V Fresneda Alcala, SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and supported by Mrs A Lihou, FLO, (Family Liaison Officer).
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  • Jubilee Celebrations May 2022

    The Children of The Discovery School have spent all week learning about the Queen. Each year group have take a decade of her reign and have learnt about the music, fashion, food and key events of each decade. On Friday, the whole school had a celebration assembly to share what each year group had been learning about this week. Following that, we then had a whole school picnic lunch out on the field.
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  • The Prime Minister Visits Us!

    On Monday 20th July, we received a visit from the Prime Minister! It was a very exciting day for all of the children that were in school. The Prime Minister stayed for an hour and a half and was given a tour of the school by our Head Girl, Isabelle Garland. Isabelle did a fantastic job and was a superb representative for our school.
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  • World Book Day 2022!

    World Book Day 2022: The Discovery School had a wonderful day celebrating our love of reading! We spent the day sharing our favourite books with each other and some of us dressed up as our favourite book characters too! At The Discovery School, we wanted to keep with the message of this year's World Book Day - everyone is a reader! Therefore, each class received their very own picture book to read together and do lots of fun activities around.
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  • Virtual Music Concert

    The Discovery School Virtual Music Concert: Wind and Brass PlayersEnjoy the fantastic recorded performances of our wind and brass players in this 'Virtual Music Concert'. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 enjoy learning the cornet, flute, clarinet and saxophone in school. They have made amazing progress this year and this is shown in their wonderful performances. Each child plays musically and confidently; they should be very proud of their achievements!
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  • The NHS say thank you to Year 5


    The staff of the NHS sent a reply to our Year 5 pupils, thanking them for their messages of support. 

    Click on the link below to see their reply. 

    Thank you Year 5
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  • The Mayor visits us!

    The Discovery School had a visit from the Mayor of Tonbridge and Malling this week. Members of the School Council, Eco-Club and Discovery News reporters greeted the Mayor and Mayoress in the main hall by the Eco-Tree. The Eco-Tree is a collection of pledges, written on leaf shaped scrap paper, that the children and adults wrote stating how they will help climate change. The Mayor chatted to the children about their pledges, the importance of climate change as well as what the Council have planned to address climate change.
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