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  • British Science Week 2021

    Last term, we joined thousands of schools across the country to celebrate British Science Week! The children explored topics such as space, forces, life cycles and bacteria. Over two weeks we carried out investigations, set up experiments, put our observation skills to the test and recorded fascinating results. In Year 2, the children sent mice into space by creating bottle rockets, they experimented with the use of force on the trajectory of their mice.
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  • Jubilee Celebrations May 2022

    The Children of The Discovery School have spent all week learning about the Queen. Each year group have take a decade of her reign and have learnt about the music, fashion, food and key events of each decade. On Friday, the whole school had a celebration assembly to share what each year group had been learning about this week. Following that, we then had a whole school picnic lunch out on the field.
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  • World Book Day 2022!

    World Book Day 2022: The Discovery School had a wonderful day celebrating our love of reading! We spent the day sharing our favourite books with each other and some of us dressed up as our favourite book characters too! At The Discovery School, we wanted to keep with the message of this year's World Book Day - everyone is a reader! Therefore, each class received their very own picture book to read together and do lots of fun activities around.
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  • Captain Tom 100 Challenge

    On Friday 30th April, the children of The Discovery School took part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge. During the day, children took part in lots of different activities based around the number 100 to raise much needed funds for one of our school charities, the Hospice in the Weald. Each class designed their own challenge, with the help of the School Council to help raise the funds. As a whole school we came together to create a giant 100 out of £1 coins and raised through donations an AMAZING total of £800 for the Hospice in the Weald.
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